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Gossip Girl & Dan Humphrey Are Soon Going To Be Back In Our Lives!

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Binge watching re-runs of Gossip Girl has been my guilty indulgence ever since my teenage years and it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. But the presence of Blaire’s bitchiness, Serena’s perfection, Nate’s looks, Chuck’s personality, and Dan’s wit have been thoroughly missed.

And now, Penn Badgley aka Dan Humphrey is coming back after a break of 5 years in a new TV show, You. The best part? The show is said to have a plot that sounds like a creepy, darker, screwed up version of Gossip Girl and I just cannot wait for it.



Penn, who has been making music with his band, MOTHXR, is back in the acting game, and what a comeback! Also, totally digging the rugged, bearded, intense look.

He is going to play the role of Joe Goldberg, a super blogger, and a schemer, a potential psychopath, who uses the internet to interact with his lady love. Hmmm…

The lead heroine, Beck, hasn’t been finalised yet, and it will be worth the wait to see if it will be who we think she is! (Pssss… Serena). April 2018 is when the first episode of the 10 part series is slated to hit our screens.

Comment and tell us, who do you think Beck will be?

XOXO. Gossip Girl… or Boy?


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