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5 Things You Can Do To Ensure You Don’t Put On Too Much Weight During This Lockdown

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If I am being honest, this lockdown has me completely on edge. Not because I am scared of contracting the virus but because I am fast running out of things to do at home and frankly, starting to feel a little suffocated. But I have come to accept these new terms of life and after six days of living in captivity I think we can all just look at the bright side- this will be over soon (enough).

However, until then let’s not let this lockdown mess with our bodies like its messing with our brain. So having said that, here is a guide on things you should do to be healthy and avoid snacking all the time.

Beware of excessive caffeine

For every working person, caffeine is the equivalent to the elixir of life. It wakes us up at work every morning and keeps us going through the day. But when you are in office, you have a sense of control on how many cups you drink each day. At home? There is this luxury of access to unlimited caffeine and yes, that is a dream but not a good one. Everyone knows excessive caffeine is bad for health which is why you need to make a conscious effort to stick to a two cup per day rule.

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Create a routine for yourself and be faithful to it

We are facing a pandemic you guys, which means that, for now, life as we knew it has been put on hold. We are under lockdown and while it is the safest thing for us right now, staying at home all the time isn’t the healthiest way to live. To counter this, we need to make a whole new food routine for ourselves. This really helps to curb all the snacking and binging urges. I know this is easier said than done but we have to do something to remain fit during these times, right? Why not change our routine, find a new one and give it a try?

Don’t buy any junk food

See this is simple, if you don’t buy junk food, you won’t eat junk food. Now, usually, this doesn’t work because if I want a packet of lays and there is none in the house then I can just hop across to my neighbourhood grocery shop and buy a packet. But now, you can’t just get out of the house for something as measly a packet of chips. So, my solution to avoid junk food is to not buy it at all. And I know when you’re at home, you tend to get super snacky. In that case, I recommend you stock up on things like khakra, makhana or any form of baked snacks.

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Eat five small meals instead of snacking through the day

Here’s the thing guys, the reason I say don’t snack through the day is not that you have to watch your weight since that is your choice. I am saying don’t binge eat shit snacks because they really mess your system up. Like I had a horrible stomach all weekend because I chose to eat a buttload of snacks in one day. So, to help you not snack through the day, what I do is eat five small meals in the day instead of three large one which leaves you vulnerable to all your snacky cravings.

Don’t eat at the desk you are working on

The logic behind this is the same logic our mothers applied when they told us not to eat while watching TV. You might think that if you eat at your desk, you can get work done too simultaneously. And while that is a great in theory, it’s a bad one in reality. The thing is, satisfaction is one of the main aspects of food and if you are distracted by work while you eat you won’t be satisfied. Which will open you up to unnecessary hunger pangs. So, the bottom line is take a break while you eat your meals.

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