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9 Tough Conversations You Need To Have With Your BFF

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Friendship Day or not, the bond that we have with our best friend goes beyond tying her a silly band or giving her some chocolates. It’s one that has survived the test of time and is worth fighting for.

Yet somehow, with the busy pace of life, it’s hard to stay connected. The meaningful conversations we’d have at sleepovers are reduced to a “How are you?” or “When are we meeting next?” text message.

But that needs to change. Now!

Sure she needs the heart-eyed and hugging emojis, but sometimes she needs you to be her reality check too.

So take a look at some real tough love conversations you might need to have with your bestie ASAP.


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1. She’s Hung Up On A Guy Who Doesn’t Give A F*ck.

Your girl is head over heels in love with a jerk. She’s gotten so desperate that you have started to question why you know her. Legit.

Be the bitch, ‘coz that’s what she needs you to be. Drill it into her head that she has to, absolutely has to, get a life. It’s time for her let go of that toxic dude, who just treats her like shit. She’ll thank you for it later.


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2. She’s Working A Job That’s Killing Her.

If she can’t find anything positive about her no-good job, maybe it’s time she quit. How long will she put up with her boss from hell, the late hours and those obnoxious colleagues, anyway?

Sometimes adjusting just doesn’t work. Talk to her, please.


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3. She Has A Legit Shopping Problem And Needs An Intervention.

We all love shopping, and we all go overboard sometimes. But, if her bag is always overflowing with bills and her credit cards are all maxed out, maybe it’s time to have the talk.

You’d rather save her now than when she’s sinking in debt like it’s quick sand.

P.S. If you need to take away her cards, then please do.


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4. She Is Taking You For Granted.

She is your bestie, okay, but that doesn’t give her the freedom to take you for a ride.

If she’s always late when you meet, makes you pick up the tab every time, asks you to run errands for her even when you’re busy, spends half her time on the phone when you visit, you’ve got to see the red flags!

Call her out on it. She’s got to take you more seriously.


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5. She Needs To Talk About Family Stuff.

If she changes the topic whenever it comes to family, or completely ignores the subject, maybe you need to sit her down and chat. Over some hot chocolate maybe.

Family stuff is sensitive, so handle with care. Then again you know her best, so just go for it!


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6. She Is Not Taking Care Of Her Health.

Every now and then your phone beeps with a message of “I am down with fever” or “I don’t feel too well yaa” and that’s your cue to drag her to the doctor.

Nothing is more important than her health, and if she doesn’t get it, then it’s your job to make sure she does.


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7. She Has Become Distant And You Don’t Know Why.

She is always busy or pretends to be. The calls have decreased, messages lost and comments nowhere to be seen. You need to get to the bottom of it; after all, isn’t your friendship worth it?

Let go of your ego and ask her what the problem is. Stand with her and let her know that no matter what, you’ll be there.


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8. She Has Become Overly Negative And Whiny.

Only so much bitching is actually good; beyond a point, it’s damaging! The constant complaining and bitching needs to stop RN. It is unhealthy and will only give out negative vibes.

It’s like digging her own grave, and it is you who can prevent that from happening.


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9. She Needs To Know She Has Commitment Issues.

A new guy every week, regular flings, casual sex and flirting with every guy she sets her eyes on, is a big NO. Help her realise that.

Sure she can live the way she wants to, but if she’s commitment phobic, she might need help. Take her out on a date and talk to her. Food and you should do the trick.


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