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Chinese Blogger Transforms Into Mona Lisa With Makeup

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Even if you don’t understand art and can’t tell a painting from a photograph, you have definitely heard of the Mona Lisa. A painting by Leonardo Da Vinci that has been the cynosure of eyes for centuries now, and also the reason you have to melt in the French sun for hours before you can get into the Louvre. Now, one Chinese blogger is bringing this to life, almost literally.

27-year-old He Yuya, a blogger used makeup to transform herself into Mona Lisa. The result is so real you almost won’t believe your eyes. She uploaded her work on the Chinese video website MiaoPai. Since the upload, the video has more than 800,000 views and she’s been getting rave reviews for her artistry with a makeup brush.

Incredible Makeup Work

Incredible!? A Chinese woman using makeup turns her face into that of Mona Lisa. He Yuhong from SW China's Chongqing spent six hours finishing the work.#makeup #MonaLisa (Tan Yingzi and Wang Ruina / China Daily)

Posted by China Daily on Saturday, May 12, 2018

Earlier, this blogger had transformed herself into Taylor Swift, a video that also garnered a lot of attention.


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