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In China, A Professor Has Urged The Government To Offer 1 Million Yuan To Parents For Every New Child!

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Back in the year 1980, the Chinese government came up with a rather bizarre way of controlling its population from growing beyond what…I don’t know…they could handle. In view of a solution to the imminent population explosion, China introduced a unique one-child policy, where in they offered  financial perks to families that would limit their family planning to just one kid. Contrary to popular belief, China did not go around snipping people’s balls off. However, today after decades the Chinese government may seem to start seeking ways to undo their old schemes.

A Chinese professor, Liang Jianzhang, who teaches at Peking University’s School of Economics and is also the founder of travel service provider Ctrip has recently suggested a rather controversial way of doing something about the declining rate of childbirth in the country.

He posted a video on Weibo social media channel where he spoke about how the government must consider offering parents 1 million yuan ($156,000) for each newborn child in a way to increase the birth rate of China, which the government of China had anyway been trying to do.

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He talked about how the entire project might cost China close to 10% of China’s total GDP, in order to see an effective rise from the current 1.3 birth rate to 2.1. He also says in his video how this amount could be allotted to parents in forms of cash, tax relief or even housing subsidies.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of young people … if it’s just a few tens of thousands of yuan it basically wouldn’t encourage people to have another child,” says Professor Liang by stressing on how the cost would be recovered in terms of contributions made to the economy in the future. He said, “If a family gives birth to another child, that child’s future contributions to social security, to tax revenues, will exceed 1 million yuan.”

Meanwhile the netizens had a varied set of reactions to the thoughts of Professor Liang wherein users contested their views about whether or not that amount would be enough to cover the educational costs of a child. One user wrote, “Having a child and not making the most of their talents is considered a crime in today’s society,” where as another one wrote, “It should be done as early as possible – if you wait a couple of years no one will want to give birth even for 2 million yuan.”

While this is just one suggestion from a professor, we wouldn’t b surprised if China ends up coming up with a scheme once again, to lure parents into procreating more.

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