5 Cardio Dance Videos You Can Do In Your Room!

5 Cardio Dance Videos You Can Do In Your Room!

Quick question before we get into this. You’re here because you’ve paid with your kidney at the local gym, found that you’ve wasted your money because you went for exactly one day and have decided you can do this on your own, right? Yes, we know. But, without any equipment or trainers, a home workout routine can get quite boring unless you have the right audio and visuals to help you through it.

Dance routines have been a game changer for me because I can trick my body into thinking I am at a party, but I am working out! Plus, you can turn it up a notch, bring down the tempo or even change the beat, based on my preferences. Here are a few routines that I swear by:

Effective Fat Burner

This routine is quick and effective since it has all the right moves from an effective stretch to full body fat burning exercises. And, it is under 10 minutes! So, you can get the extra sleep and squeeze in a workout.

Aerobics Dance Workout

The fittest person in Bollywood, Bipasha Basu, is slaying this dance workout routine and you must indulge in it with your bestie. This guided dance routine will definitely get every inch of your body working in under 30 minutes. And if Bipasha’s body is anything to go by, this really works!


This is one of my favorite dance workouts since it is divided into several songs with a variety of zumba styles. It is very effective since it keeps our heart rate up and if you got the moves down, you can even use some of these at a club!

Plus Size Cardio Dance

This routine is specifically for the plus size body type, and it is great to get a quick workout in at any time of the day. The routine is under 2 minutes so I would just play it on repeat to get a good 10 minute workout in. Oh, come on, a 2 minute workout doesn’t count.


Little Mix dance

There’s lots of jumping and squatting mixed in this Little Mix dance routine. And hey, we all need an excuse to fist-pump to “Shout Out To My Ex” every now and then. Also, the body you get once you get this done? That’s the real shoutout to the ex.

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