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Bride Gets Angry As Groom’s Friends Give Her An Insulting Gift. Why Can’t The Guy Speak Up?

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I feel that when you respect your partner, your friends will not dare to disrespect them. It’s like how when a person keeps you happy and your friends genuinely warm up to him. Or if your boyfriend is pathetic to you, your friends hate him with a vengeance. It’s all related. So I think if you want to know how your boyfriend talks about you behind your back, you must observe how his friends treat you. I mean, it may not be his fault if they disrespectful to you; he may have not seen it coming. But if he doesn’t stand up for you, dude doesn’t deserve you. Recently, a bride had to face embarrassment when the groom’s annoying friends gifted her something quite…not funny.

So the video that went viral shows the bride innocently seated, when the groom’s friends gift her a baby feeding bottle. Annoyed by the gift, she puts it away. And his persistent, relentlessly insensitive friends decide to hand it back to her. Thankfully, this time someone comes to take the bottle away.

This is such a d*ck move. What were they thinking? Is it amusing to gift someone a baby feeding bottle in front of everyone at their wedding? It’s her wedding; why are they ruining her big day and embarrassing the bride when literally all the spotlight is on her?

The groom didn’t seem to have flinched at all at this. His non-interference is what encourages other people to disrespect the bride. I mean, a groom like that can’t be respected. And clearly, he doesn’t respect his bride. So his friends extend such treatment to her too. Of course, such friends are insensitive and there’s no doubt about that.

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All of this is so uncalled for. And if the groom is going to be such a manchild, then maybe his friends got the right gift after all!

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