Bollywood Ready To Shoot Except They Will Have To Figure A Way Around Intimate Scenes In These Coronavirus Times. Back To Flowers?

FI How Will Shoots Of Intimate And Violent Scenes Happen

Life at present seems like a sad black and white movie, and I don’t say that because it’s lost all colour, though it has, but also because it is slow and languid. And the biggest leap backwards is because we are probably going to watch intimate scenes with flowers or behind umbrellas, much like the cinema of the 90s. As governments across the globe issue guidelines to navigate through this world with coronavirus, everything from how to wash hands to how to have sex now comes with a bunch of rules. As does filming movies and TV shows, for the new guidelines prohibit Bollywood from indulging in any form of touching during the shoots. Which could be done if the shoots involved only dialogues but intimate scenes and violent scenes will require some thinking.

With a new working protocol having been laid out by The Producers Guild of India to carefully start filming movies again, turns out that this time the industry would have to go old school, for there is supposed to be no hugging, no kissing, no sharing bad habits, and a rule to always wear masks and gloves and keep away from anyone aged over 60. Basically, all the rules that our parents told us to follow when we were 7 and being sent to the park to play with other kids, with some slight tweaks.

Honestly, no matter how disappointing and not to forget, challenging such rules might make modern day cinema, we know it is for the best. With the cases of Covid-19 rapidly increasing, we can never be too careful and if that means exercising safe distance and going back to flying kisses, then so be it.

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However, we’d be lying if we didn’t say just how difficult it would be to adapt to this new normal. With people talking about how censor boards might just cease to exist, and story lines too bland what without any sex or violence to spice it up, we might be looking at a rather dry year this time around. Although, at this point as the audience sits in agonising anticipation of new content to chew upon, we will take what we get.

In fact, there is news floating around that there are certain movies that will start filming by the end of June itself, which includes Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Gangubai Kathiawadi. Reports suggest this could be the first film to release after the lockdown is lifted, the shoot is scheduled to resume in the third week of June, it is being said. We hope they adhere to the safety precautions, that also allows only 33% of the crew to be on sets everyday.

Guess with this, we can say goodbye not just to R rated films, but also 100 crore clubs, for lets face it, people might never be able to go back to the cinemas as they would have before!

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