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#AskHauterfly: How To Hide A Hickey?

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The infamous bite of love, which is thoroughly enjoyed between the sheets, is often regretted while on the streets. Hickey or love bite, whatever you want to call it, is great when it happens — however, if you’re flaunting your achievements from last night in broad daylight, you might as well walk around with a placard that says ‘just got some’ and get done with the questions that are about to follow.

Biting and sucking on your loved one’s neck (or not so ‘loved’ ONS), is a sign of affection that sort of heightens sexual pleasure. When doing so, a hickey is formed, where basically the superficial blood vessels under the skin rupture, causing a bruise to form.

In all honesty, I have seen hickeys that vary from cute little bites to raging blotches of what could only be described as a vampire-esque fantasy (it happened to a friend, guys). And trust me when I say, that girl didn’t just limit her love to my friend’s neck. It went all the way up to his face!

So how the hell does one pull the covers on last night’s shenanigans? Well, the quickest option is tying a scarf around your neck to hide it, but in the current heat, that isn’t a feasible option, now is it?!

Here are 3 sure-shot ways in which you can cover up or at least reduce the intensity of your hickey.



Option 1: Conceal and correct is the way to go. If you are a makeup junkie, you know that this is probably the best way to cover up your love bite. By colour correcting the purple bruise, and then adding concealer to it, it is less likely to stand out.

Most of the times, people just apply concealer, making it obvious that there’s a blemish under it — however, by colour correcting you’re deceiving the naked eye. And if you’re covering it up for your boy, it won’t seem like he’s worn any makeup at all!



Option 2: If you want to reduce the swelling and the bruise formed, then simply keep a spoon in the refrigerator for a bit. Taking the cold spoon, apply it to the area 4 to 5 times a day and the blotchy-ness will reduce.



Option 3: We are a country that loves their aloe vera, so pick up a natural base aloe gel and apply it to the effected areas. If you have an aloe plant at home, even better — scrape a bit out of the gel and paste it on the bruise. This cools down the ruptured capillaries, causing the hickey to appear less red or purple.

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