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Anushka Sharma Condemns The Attacks On Doctors And Nurses Who Are Battling Coronavirus. Everyone Needs To Hear This

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Just the other day, my father insisted on watching the news after dinner because there isn’t already too much coronavirus talk, and I saw something that really shook me up. Did you hear about those two doctors who were chased out of an area in somewhere in Indore? Yeah, the people chased after them with sticks and stones just to prevent the doctors from testing for coronavirus. And this is only one example from the pile of similar incidents occurring throughout the country.

Now, I deal with pieces of news that break my heart all day long but this one just really hit me hard. We should be celebrating all the medical professionals who are risking their lives to save ours. Instead of doing that, they are being beaten, spat on and disrespected. I have actually heard of societies that have evicted these medical professionals and their families in the fear that they would spread coronavirus. The way they are being treated is extremely shameful and I am glad actresses like Anushka Sharma are finally talking about this very relevant issue we are facing right now.

The Zero actress took to Twitter to express her displeasure about the way doctors and nurses are being attacked and coronavirus patients are being discriminated against. She said that she was deeply disturbed after reading about these various attacks.

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The statement read, “Deeply disturbed reading some reports about how coronavirus patients and even some medical professionals who are in the frontline taking care of such patients are being discriminately treated. At times like this, it is important that we care for each other and are extremely sensitive to the suffering of others. Let’s not treat fellow citizens with disrespect and stigma. It’s time to stay united and stand united.”

It’s really understandable to be afraid and paranoid about the coronavirus but that doesn’t mean we can go around treating patients and medical professionals so horribly. They are the ones trying to stop the spreading of the virus we need to be making their lives easier, not giving them hell for trying to keep us safe.

Do you know what is even more frightening than a deadly virus on the loose? The fact that even in the face of such adversity we can’t find it in ourselves to stay united and appreciate the people fighting on the frontlines of this war. We have to find a way to stick together and help everyone out, even the people suffering from coronavirus.

Anushka is right in so many ways and her statement needs to be heard and understood by all of us. Let’s all make a joint effort to appreciate the doctors and nurses for all they have done for us and empathize with the coronavirus patients.

That is the need of the hour!

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