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Ankita Konwar Takes To Instagram To Talk About How She Deals With Trolls About Her Marriage To Milind Soman And Their Age Gap

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In an ideal world, there wouldn’t be any judgement. People would go about minding their business and wishing nothing but the best for everyone else. But who are we kidding? Our world is everything but ideal. Far from it, rather. You know, no matter how much we claim to be open-minded and progressive, the truth is that we all judge. Maybe subconsciously, but none the less we do. Everyone casually say things like, “oh, she is only in it for the money” or “ugh, he could’ve done so much better”. It’s basic human nature. Everyone’s business is our business and yes, that is wrong and mess up but we all have opinions and we are entitled to them. Although, the age of social media has amplified people’s opinions in a way that they end up being hurtful or offensive. 

Do you know who bears the brunt of these opinions the most? Yep, you guessed it, celebrities. From what they wear to where they vacation and from their parentage to who they marry, it seems like every breath our beloved celebrities take automatically becomes a topic for a public debate. And while we have numerous examples of this happening, today I want to focus on a very particular one. The insane amount of trolling and negative comments Ankita Konwar and Milind Soman received when they tied the knot back in 2018. 

Okay, so here’s the deal, Milind is 26 years older than his wife, Ankita. Agreed, it’s quite unusual but hey, who are we to comment on their relationship? Why does the love they share have to defined by their age? They are two consensual adults who are extremely happy together. Why must social media rain on their parade with unnecessarily hateful and negative comments? 

The reason I am talking about this again is that Ankita recently took to Instagram to post a throwback selfie with a strong-worded caption that shut all the trolls down. 

She wrote, “Throwback to a time when people decided I was 16 (or 18 at times, depending on their mood) and brewed all kinds of crazy stories around me and my then-boyfriend/now-husband. Some even went up to say that I must have been 12 when he met me since they “heard from somewhere” that we have been together for 4 years already So let me just put it this way, people will talk because most of them lack common sense. Also, some of them have absolutely nothing better to do than speak less of someone else online because they clearly lack courage and self-respect. And most of these people have never experienced love in their lives. They need help; mentally, physically, spiritually. But never get it because of their attitudes and the environment they probably live in. So next time you hear something bad about yourself or see a hate comment, just understand that they are taking out their frustration by believing and saying something less of you.” 

She further added, “In a way, you’re still helping them. But please don’t start an argument with them because that’s what they want, attention. Because they have been so deprived of it. They will always believe you are doing what you’re doing only for attention, however good that may be. You see, they can only see their own reflection in you. They only understand the world they have seen so far. Where they’ve been hurt, wounded and never healed. Their parents probably could never teach them what is good behavior or right from wrong.” 

Further adding, “It is impossible for them to believe that ‘good’ can actually exist, love actually exists So just keep yourself away from all this negativity and don’t take them seriously. Blocking is always a good option too. And hope they heal. So that the world is a better place someday. Oh btw, how I dealt with it at that time? Laughed at every trash of a news article or every hate comment together with my husband.” Always grateful for the laughter those people and their sick mentality brought us though. Here’s to always being and staying positive ❤” 

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Ankita and Milind are true couple goals and the fact that people can’t see beyond their age-gap is proof that people are extremely judgmental and well, have no life of their own. Although, I love the way Ankita tactfully shut down and dealt with the trolls and mockery. But seriously, can’t we just appreciate what an amazing couple they are? How does their age factor into that? You know the one thing we need to learn from them is how to live life on your own terms and not give a shit about what society expects from you. After all, as much as we are entitled to having our opinions, they are entitled to calling the shots of their own life.

Maybe it’s time we stop judging people, especially celebrities, for their life choices and just let them live their lives? I think the world would be a much nicer place.

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