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Angad Bedi Finally Opens Up About His Relationship With Ex Nora Fatehi. He’s The Kind Of Ex You Want To Have

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I always thought I was the kind of person who could get over anything super quickly. There wasn’t anything that I couldn’t get past, after a stiff drink and a good night’s sleep. I was extremely comfortable in life- I had a boyfriend who adored me, friends to back me up no questions asked and a set career path. That was my life until a few months ago. Then something happened- one messy fight led to an equally messy breakup. Suddenly I was thrown into the grey areas of life, I would lay awake at night and sleep into the wee hours of the afternoon. And let me tell you- it isn’t anything like the movies, a breakup doesn’t make you immediately stronger, it does however make you wiser. This brought me to a very important question, is it possible to ever be the perfect ex? There are few examples of exes having nice things to say about each other, but the honest truth is that it is truly difficult to see the other one flourishing. So, on the rare occasion we come across this we cherish it the same way we would cherish seeing multiple rainbows together. So here we have it, Angad Bedi and Nora Fatehi’s story how to be the ideal ex.

Angad Bedi who took everyone by surprise when he tied the knot with Neha Dhupia last year has finally opened up about his relationship with famed dancer Nora Fatehi. There were many speculations about their relationship which were only fuelled by their refusal to speak about each other. Nora Fatehi once even refused to acknowledge his existence when asked. She also ran out of an event when Angad showed up with wife Neha (That could’ve been so awkward, drama alert!) Well, now that we have all the answers, we can cross them off our gossip lists. I just wish all celebrities tore a page from their book.

In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Angad Bedi talked about his relationship with Nora which went sour. When asked why he has never spoken about the relationship he said, “I like to believe that there is dignity in everything. There are some relationships which work and there are some which don’t work. Ideally you want every relationship to work, if it happens it’s great, if it doesn’t it is unfortunate. I feel as far as my past relationship was concerned, she (Nora) is a lovely girl and she’s doing exceptionally well for herself. She’s a star in the making and all her body of work is being accepted by the audience and she’s on her way up! And, I feel that, that is what is important, and I wish her all the best and all the love and luck.” This shows true maturity in a person, to say something so sweet to a person you’ve been with and be appreciative of them, speaks volumes about his character.

Accepting that they were not destined to be together, he went on say that everything has its right time, be it fame or family. Another thing that he said during this interview hit straight on the mark was, “I also feel that there’s dignity in silence and there’s lot of respect. Everybody goes through hardships, but hardships make you the person you are, and I feel that is important.” This might seem super cheesy and cliché but that doesn’t make it any less true. I think we all need a hunk like Angad Bedi who can respect a woman even after shit goes down. Lucky you, Neha!

On the work front, Nora Fatehi will be seen next in Street Dancer 3D. On the other hand, Angad Bedi who just nine months ago welcomed his daughter Mehr will be seen in Sonam Kapoor starrer The Zoya Factor.

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