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Ananya Panday Pledges To Never Abuse Anyone On Social Media As Part Of Her ‘Swachh Social Media’ Campaign. We Stand With Her!

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Raise your hand if you wake up, rub your eyes and reach out for your phone. Now keep it raised if you go to any social media channel first and end up endlessly, mindlessly scrolling till you absolutely must use the loo. Okay, so that’s all of us. Of course, my excuse is always that it’s a part of my job, but even if that hadn’t been the case, checking our phones has become second nature for most of us these days. And it was all good and bearable up to the point. Then, people started misusing their right of hiding behind a screen and a username and typing all sorts of rubbish about each other. What was once a medium to stay connected, became one to foster hate and spew undue criticism, and that is exactly what Student Of The Year 2 actress, Ananya Panday, yearns to fight in her latest So Positive campaign – “Swachh Social Media.”

The 20-year-old actress, who is just a movie old in the industry, has already started taking her responsibility of being a celebrity by spreading the right kind of message. Earlier this year, Ananya Panday, announced her Digital Social Responsibility campaign on #WorldSocialMediaDay to stand up against cyber bullying. She called this ‘So Positive’. Talking about how we may be party to creating an environment of hate on social media, the young star kid addressed various concerns over hate comments, trolls and what they ultimately lead to. An effort should reach out to millions who support the cause and we are sure there are many of us.

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And now, she has pledged to never abuse anyone on social media, ever. Using Gandhi Jayanti as the perfect occasion, and Mahatma Gandhi’s words to get her point across, Ananya Panday posted a video on her Instagram yesterday about her latest initiative in the So Positive campaign and wrote,”We all need to be the change that we want to see around us. Today, I have pledged that I won’t use abusive language on social media with the intent to hurt someone. If you also feel that we need our social environment to be cleaner and more positive, please take this step for a Swachh Social Media.”

And we think it wasn’t just befitting, for the world of social media has indeed turned into an ugly and cruel place. And the response to Ananya’s campaign has bee very positive. It is rather cool and brave of her to take up such a stand to bring about a change in society. The video that takes us through the reality behind our constant presence on social media, urges everyone to pledge to never abuse anyone on social media with an intent to hurt anyone. In a rush of emotions, we sometimes forget how our words can hurt someone beyond repair, and to avoid such a circumstances, we need to be more aware and responsible for our actions. Which is why, we at Hauterfly take this pledge on, what about you?

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