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Aanchal Gangwal Is The Daughter Of A Tea Seller Who Just Got Commissioned Into The Indian Air Force After Topping The Academy. She Is Such An Inspiration

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It is a well-known fact that, not only in our country but all around the world, women have never had it easy. While boys are expected to have careers and be successful, women have to struggle to even complete their education. Their potential and capabilities are cut by ridiculous social norms. Women are not supposed to have ambitions and want a career because if they do that, who is going to look after the house and the children? This is the general mentality. In so many parts of the country, families still hold their daughters back from school so the son can get a good education. And as sad as this makes me, I am always happy to say that there are a few exceptions to this gender-bias. 

Meet Aanchal Gangwal. She is the daughter of a tea-seller in Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh. All her life, Aanchal has had one dream- to join the defence forces and serve our nation. Her parents always supported her dream and did everything in their power to make it a reality. Now, as of Saturday, Aanchal is a flying officer in the Indian Air Force (IAF). She graduated from the Air Force Academy in Dundigal and was honoured with the President’s Plaque at the combined graduation parade. 

In an interview with Indian Express, 23-year-old Aanchal said, “When I was a school kid, I had decided to be in the defence. Today as I become an officer, it still feels surreal. It is a dream come true. I used to dream of this day almost every night. To stand in my uniform, in front of my father and mother, who have fought all the difficulties in their lives to get me here. However, due to Covid-19 that could not happen. But I am happy that they could see the ceremony on television.” 

She also recalled how her father who runs a small tea stall in Neemuch struggled all his life to ensure that is two daughters and one son have a proper education and are provided with the necessary amenities. Aanchal said that neither of her parents has ever stopped her or doubted her capabilities because she is a girl. She said, “When I told my parents that I want to be in defence, they were a little worried like any parent. But they never tried to stop me. In fact, they have always been the pillars of my life.”  

Families supporting their daughters and giving them the freedom to pick any career they want to is still a rarity. I just wish more families would be the rocks in their daughter’s lives. Then we would have more talented and fearless women like Aanchal. 

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Talking to TOI, Aanchal’s father Suresh Gangwal said, “I took a loan to get my daughter enrolled in a coaching institute in Indore while also supporting son’s engineering studies. Even in today’s world, we see that there is still discrimination between a girl and boy and people choose to educate their sons over their daughters but we never thought that way.”  

Aanchal, who is newly commissioned in the IAF, will start serving now instead of taking a break and going home. Before joining the Air Force Academy, she has worked as a sub-inspector in the MP Police Department and a labour inspector in MP Labour Department for eight months. Aanchal holds a degree in Computer Science from Sitaram Jaju Government Girls College in Neemuch, MP. 

She is such an inspiration!

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