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A Video Of Two Women Dancing To Helen’s Piya Tu On A Sidewalk Has Gone Viral. This Is What I Want To Be Like When I’m Older

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I sometimes look at pictures and videos of kings and queens, duke and duchesses and find myself fascinated by their highly regimented life, that requires them to be prim, proper and about all the time. ‘Oh, the lifestyle’, I say to myself often when I spot Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton in the tabloids, wishing the kind of elegance and class they embody would be something I would wish to attain.  But then on the other hand, I come across some absolutely uncanny and candid videos of simple people dancing to their favourite tunes in the middle of the day, with not a single care in the world, and think how no amount of elegance would ever be worth giving up the kind of free-spirit with which they live life.

The realisation dawned upon me after I came across one of the most wholesome videos on the internet today where two ladies were dancing to the beats of the hit song – Piya Tu. Call it the effect of this lockdown where people were forced to implement the entire ‘C’est La vie’ philosophy and live in the moment, or just something they decided to do in the moment  but this video of two elderly women dancing is now trending on social media.

Sporting sarees and making the side of the streets as their own dance floor, the two women could give any trained dancer a run for their money, what with all the expressions, dance steps and enthusiasm which can be seen oozing out of them both, nearly making us want to sway with them.

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Making not just Helen proud, but also spreading happiness on all of social media, on a Monday no less, this 15-second video has went viral on the internet with almost 30K views in one day already. In fact, the video has also inspired a lot of netizens to be just as free, and happy in life to enjoy the simpler things with their friends.

One user wrote, “I am sure in her age she could have given a tough time to Helen, with due respect,” while another one commented, “Oh to dance with such abandon!” Meanwhile, I bookmarked the post to share with my best friend, giving her a heads up on how I want us to be when we hit our 60s, dancing to crazy old songs, without caring for people. Perhaps they were right when they said, ‘money can’t buy happiness’. Helen’s fiery songs can!

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