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99-Year-Old Helene Simon Features As Model For Beauty Brand

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There are some who say that ‘age is just a number.’ But then there are those who prove that phrase right. Most people tend to believe that once you cross a certain age, your options are limited and there is only so much that you can do. But that’s definitely not the case. I mean, just ask this 99-year-old US-based woman. This 99-year-old woman is breaking stereotypes by getting featured as a model for a beauty brand.

Recently, a 99-year-old great-grandmother, Helene Simon from California, US, became the face of the beauty brand – Saie Beauty. The beauty brand, Saie Beauty is founded by her granddaughter Laney Crowell who runs the brand.

Helene Simon, in her interview with People, revealed how she was unsure and skeptical about becoming a beauty brand’s face. She stated that her granddaughter, Laney Crowell, the founder of Saie Beauty, pitched her this idea soon after her 99th birthday. Helene Simon told People, “I had seen all the beautiful models, and I was no competition for that.” 


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Laney Crowell, who founded and runs Saie Beauty, got the idea of making her great-grandmother, Helene Simon, the face of the brand by one of her brand followers on Instagram. Laney Crowell was extremely persistent about making the mother of six children, grandmother to eleven grandchildren, and great-grandmother to six great-grandchildren – to be the face of the brand. And she finally was able to convince Helene Simon to become the face of Saie Beauty.

When speaking to Laney Crowell about how long it took to convince Helene Simon to model for the brand, she said, “It took a few weeks. I think the turning point was when I found a photographer who had photographed Nanna’s favorite basketball player, Steph Curry.” And in convincing the US-based woman, they created one of the eldest makeup models in the world. 

Laney Crowell, in her latest Instagram post, put up a beautiful picture of her great-grandmother, Helene Simon, and captioned it – “Nanna in the spotlight.” The post got a lot of love, appreciation, and attention from the viewers. In fact, some of the Instagram viewers also have gone ahead and called her their ‘favourite model.’ 

In doing so, Laney Crowell and Helene Simon have kicked the stereotypes in their backside. Just like beauty has no color, race, gender, etc. – these two fierce, groundbreaking women have proved that beauty has no age limit. And no matter what anyone says, beauty has no bounds and a person is beautiful in every phase of life. 


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