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9 Shows To Binge-Watch On New Years Eve, If You’re Planning To Stay In

December 31, 2019 | by Sadhika Sehgal

I’ll admit it, at the cost of sounding uncool, that I am going to be staying in tonight. Unlike most of my friends and people on my Insta list, I like to take the saying ‘Go big or go home’ rather seriously and shamelessly go for the latter. The thing is, New Years Eve comes along with a lot of pressure. And that is just the eve I am talking about right now. From friends wanting you to come out and rage with them until the night turns into day while popping champagne and exchange midnight kisses, to your family wanting you to step out for a nice fine dine evening with talks of where you’re headed in your life, the choices you have at hand look good only on paper. Because in reality, all you get is a 2 by 2 cm place to stand, the crowd pushing you around making you feel like you’re dancing with them and you losing your voice screaming at the bartender to get you one drink. And with the parents, let’s just say listening to a bunch of ‘I told you so’ and other unsolicited advice is not as much fun to enter the new year with. Which brings you to the third option, one that I avail every single year (pun intended) and have no complaints with – staying in.

There is just something about staying in the comfort of your home on an important night like that and spending time with yourself that calms you down in an otherwise extremely fast-paced month. And apart from annually looking forward to deciding what to wear for my living room couch that night, the other most important thing I look forward to is deciding what I am going to binge-watch.

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You see, the choices at hand need to be both – perfect and intriguing. Perfect enough to keep in mind the festivities and the occasion and well, intriguing enough to keep you hooked through the night so you’re not  tempted to check your phone and get sappy at the sight of other people’s stories. And to make your life and your new year just that much more interesting, we have a list of 9 movies and TV shows you that would be a perfect pick for you to tune into if you’re staying in this New Years Eve…

Sex And The City

An unequivocal choice for the New Years Eve, both the movies from this brand are basically any girls guide to stepping into the New Year with the charm, charisma, sass and attitude like that of Carrie and the girls from the movies. This one will make you gasp, cry, cheer and curious all at the same time and you’ll love it.

Star Screen Awards

I know, I know. In the times of Prime and Netflix who even cares to watch a few celebrities dance to badly choreographed numbers on stage, right? I do. From before the time when we had a bucket list of movies at our disposal, these award shows and their sometimes painfully un-funny jokes would be the respite of us 90s kids and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I enjoy it.

Home Alone

One of my favourite movie marathons to run during the winter and holiday season, no matter how old I get is Home Alone. I don’t think I’ll ever be old enough to outgrow the mischief and madness that this one gets along with it. Big on both – humour and invoking some real nice family time vibe, this one is a winner in the list!


I know what you’re thinking, bingeing on a psycho-thriller on the last night of the decade sounds a little creepy. But here is the catch, this show is a perfect choice if you want to keep yourself hooked to the screen and remind yourself how it is rather okay to be single than have a psycho lover in disguise by your side! The way I look at it? It’s a win-win!

The Witcher

A rather unconventional choice for a moment of festivity like the New Year, this new show streaming on Netflix is about catching and slaying monsters. But wait for it, did we mention how the one catching those big bad monsters is Henry Cavil who, might we add, looks like a total snacc and is enough to hook you right in!

Dirty Dancing

The movies that by far are closest to my heart not just because I am a dancer are the Dirty Dancing ones. These are a classic mix of romance, dance, drama and the kind of a vibe that will make you want to get out of your covers and dance with them. Besides who doesn’t enjoy watching movies filled with steamy hot mambo and tango dance scenes with a side of wisdom that was way ahead of its time?

Made in Heaven

Chances are, and we already know, that you may have already seen this one. But on the off-chance that you haven’t, this could be our New Years gift for you, because boy are you missing out. Packed with drama, love, passion and intrigue this show is everything you’d want to keep seeing tonight and we wouldn’t blame you.


Harry Potter Marathon

All time favourite movie marathon, one that would stand uncontested if you’re a bunch of friends staying in together for the NYE are the Harry Potter movies. Because Harry potter is not a bunch of movies, it is your childhood wrapped up in characters you’ve related to, a school you’ve yearned to attend, with adventures that have shaped you and your thinking for life! Get the popcorn already!

Four More Shots Please

A show that is as good advice on 31st as it is in content to binge-watch, this one is an ode to you and your girlfriends and serves as the perfect pick for a night with your girls. Invite your posse over, order in some pizza and take a go at that bottle of tequila to celebrate making through yet another year and charging into this next one, together and stronger!

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