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9 Hacks To Maximise A Small Closet Space

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Owning a home in Mumbai city can cost you an arm and a leg. And even then, chances are your space will be pokey to say the least. Unless of course, Ambani is your last name. Most regular folk live in homes that just about allow them to eat, sleep, bathe and breathe. So, storage is a legit problem.

In fact, every time I go out shopping, instead of thinking about what outfit to team my new bag with, I think about where I’m going to store it. Over time, however, I’ve learned how to maximise my closet space. Here are a few of my favourite closet hacks.

1. Hang items like jeans and shorts on an S-shaped hook in order to avoid all the space taken up by thick hangers.

2. Use file dividers or letter sorters to divide boxy storage spaces and make the most of them. This works especially well for bags, so you don’t land up stacking them one on top of the other. Also, you won’t have to fish them out from a huge pile the next time around.

3. Attach a chain on a hanger and use it to hang multiple hangers. The perfect way to maximise the vertical space in your closet.

4. Attach a bunch of shower curtain rings on a hanger to hang tank tops, scarves, and other delicate items.

5. Roll up your leggings/pants and stack them up in a shelf to avoid any wastage of space.

6. Hang your sunglasses on a hanger, and hook it on the inside of your wardrobe, so that they are on display for you to choose from each morning.

7. Store your clothes vertically in a drawer to maximise drawer space. This will even help you quickly spot the item you are looking for instead of going through an entire stack of clothes, and creating a mess.

8. Attach a cute chain from one end of the closet to another and hang all your accessories on it. It adds as a cute element to the overall space as well.

9. Organise your socks and undergarments in a cardboard box that has dividers.


Hauterfly's Content Writer and Video Producer, Kreena is a sucker for all things DIY. In love with nail art, beauty, fashion, textiles, and all things creative under the sun, she follows the mantra: Why buy, when you can DIY?!

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