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7 Simple Exercises To Burn Fat FAST!

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Going to the gym and spending hours working out on sweaty equipment is a strict no no for me! And let’s not forget the occasional creepy guy offering to spot you, while you are doing a bench press. Thankfully, a 10-minute run in the morning, and a quick workout video works wonders to keep me motivated enough to come back to it every day, and get my heart rate pumping. A few sets of these fast and explosive moves are the best way to burn fat and feel like you are ready to conquer the day.

Watch this video with energy coach, Urmi Kothari, and learn 7 moves you can easily fit right into your daily routine without having to drag your feet to the gym while listening to Tadap Tadap Sey Iss Dill from Hum Dil De Chukey Sanam.

High Knees, Criss Cross Jump Plank, A Skips, Star Jump, Plank Jacks, Ninja Punches, Froggers — these exercises get you to burn fat right from the comfort of your home!



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