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Japleen Has Found The Cutest Writing Pad, Ever!

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When I heard that our Hauterfly HQ is shifting to a new location, the only thing I was excited about was getting my own desk and prettying it up.

I’m more than a stationery junkie and if I had it my way, I would only splurge on paper and pens. Oh well, I still do.

After hoarding hundreds of diaries, I decided that my space needed some post-it love. And for this, I combed through pages and pages on the internet, trying to find the perfect match.

Though I didn’t manage to find sticky notes that looked different and were in my budget, I did find something that made not only me, but everyone who laid eyes on it grab a part of it.

Don’t worry, I’m not creepy! All I did was purchase the cutest memo pad.



This is a unique case of how first impressions can be wrong. When you first look at this orange and white striped writing pad, it would seem regular, but it is not. You can twist this pad and literally make it dance.

Some of you must be laughing right now but trust me, I am not kidding! The name is the twisty pad and my colleagues have named it Twistoo. It is that adorable!

If you are bored of your old, mundane stationery (which is a crime), then this is your answer to own something quirky. Plus, it works as a therapy tool also.

Don’t believe me? Ask my colleagues who stop by my desk just to twist this memo pad and take their anger out on it.

SHOP NOW: 61c Twisty Memo Pad (Rs 270)


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