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5 Reasons Why Your Pet Is The Ultimate Netflix Buddy!

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The previous Friday, I had made up my mind that this would be a productive weekend. I would get some cleaning done, some clothes that might be a smell hazard would be washed, and I would go to a workshop maybe. What I managed to do was barely make it out of bed, stuff my face with fries (yes, real healthy), and squeeze in some very important show-watching, very alone. So your weekend was exactly like mine, huh? Super. Super. 

Look, it’s not like I am against watching stuff with people. I mean, it would be great if they would be like furniture, but it usually isn’t like that. This can be a family member, relative or friend, and that’s a glitch to my show-bingeing party. This is exactly why watching Netflix with your pet is actually the best way to watch anything at all (and we have proof from the horse’s mouth, i.e. Netflix). Here are 5 reasons why your pet is better company than most other hoomans. 


1. People have too many opinions. 

When people watch TV or shows with you, they want a say in what you are watching. Which is absolutely rubbish because why should you have an opinion, and even if you do, I am not in the mood to listen to you. In fact, according to Netflix and Woof, 63% of Indians watch with pets because they help them relax. Watching it with other humans just gives me anxiety, and that’s 100% of the time. 


2. People judge. 

Sometimes, I want to watch a crappy show and shove cheese balls into my mouth while I sprinkle crumbs all over the place. Do that with a human and they will want the cheese balls, and will comment on your choice of show. That’s the thing, 29% of Indians watch with pets because they don’t judge their TV taste, according to Netflix and Woof. Pets win! 


3. People comment too much.

Humans are pretty wired to want to win. And sometimes this one-upmanship can go into giving away spoilers on social media, which ruins everything and could even lead to murder. See, even here, pets win because they’d never do that. See, 27% of Indians watch with pets because they never share spoilers, says the Netflix and Woof report. Pets > Humans. 


4. People are boring.

Human beings are boring. B-O-R-I-N-G! You show them humans in tight underwear, they are unimpressed, show them dragons, they’re impressed for a bit, and then they want more. Pets, on the other hand, are an enthusiastic bunch. The Netflix report says, 43% of pets reacted when they saw other animals on screen. Just how much nicer! 


5. People demand control.

Other humans always want to custom-make things. They want cheese popcorn, extra cheese on their pizza, and romance on Valentine’s Day. Ugh. When they are watching something, they want to adjust the volume, the brightness, and want the remote. Not pets. 29% of Indians watch with pets because they don’t hog the remote.

I think these hoomans are on to something. 

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