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5 Motivational Instagram Pages That Radiate Positivity, Fun And Happiness. Follow Them Now

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There is a whole lot of negativity going around right now and we are all suffering at the hands of the coronavirus (some obviously more than the others). Everything right now is dull and gloomy, and we are all eagerly waiting for this horrid phase to be over. This lockdown has the full potential to mess with our mental health and drive us completely up the wall and it’s our job to everything we can to not let that happen.

So, in light of helping you stay away from all those cynical thoughts and be more positive, motivated and inspired we have curated a list of five Instagram pages that you must follow. A positive quote first thing every morning may just be what the doctor ordered.

Check it out…

The Good Quote

If you ever need a reminder that everything is going to be okay and that you’ve got this, The Good Quote is just the page for you to follow. It’s your daily dose of motivation to get you through these pressing days. They enjoy a following of 4.7m people and bring you motivational quotes all famous authors and poets. Reading quotes from this page is the best way to start your morning.

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The Artidote

The Artidote, curated by Jovanny Ferreyra is truly one of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram pages. Every post is a beautiful painting that depicts mental health, self-love and various other such concepts and they are all accompanied by the most beautiful quotes and sayings. The Artidote community has a following of 1.1m people and the bio reads, “A space where to story-tell, empathize, bond & heal through art”. True to its word, this page takes art submissions and shares contacts of mental health therapists all around the world. The Artidote is simply a must-follow for inspiration and motivation.


Do you know why I love Fuckology? Because they motivate you but in the funniest way possible. This page with 3 million uses classic deadpan humour coupled with some motivation to help you get through the day on a happy and more positive note.

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Motivation doesn’t always come in the form of quotes reminding you that the storm will pass and all you have to do is be yourself. Sometimes, all the motivation you need comes in the form of humour, sarcasm and wit. That is exactly why I love Sarclassm. This page is super relatable, and it motivates me to spend my lockdown days to do things like day drink. And that’s all the inspiration I need.

The Good Advice Cupcake

One of my absolute favourite pages, The Good Advice Cupcake is a page that primarily features a unicornish-looking cupcake that gives well, good advice. Just looking at the cupcake is fills you with so much positivity and every single post will either have you chuckling or going “awwwww”. This page has a following of 2.6 million people and it can fill you with so much happiness.

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