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5 Lesser-Known Careers To Explore If You Love Fashion

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Fashion in India, as a professional industry, has been growing rapidly in the last few of years, with many opportunities opening up that aren’t quite your average jobs.

Even though India has rapidly developed, in terms of breaking career stereotypes, there used to be very limited choices within the industry itself. But no more.

While the classic fashion career choices such as fashion design, styling, blogging, or journalism still retain their significance within the fashion world, there’s a whirlwind of others that are slowly gaining pace. And you probably weren’t aware  of them.

Till today.


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If The Devil Wears Prada hadn’t already given you a stereotypical representation of working in the fashion industry (yes, there are several Miranda Priestlys out there), this world, in general, is very competitive to get into — but once you have a foot in the door, you can definitely network your way up.

Therefore, the more the opportunities, the better the chances of bagging that dream job in fashion, right?

So for all you peeps out there who are still deciphering life and figuring out what it is their heart desires, but do know that they’d like to dive into the world of fashion, here are 5 career options in the industry you can dip your feet into that aren’t really your average go-to choices.

Don’t worry, if you have a passion for all things fashion, one of these (or maybe all?) will definitely be up your alley.

PS: All of these opportunities come with more than just a pay check each month. What do we mean? Well, if you love to travel, then let us tell you…that all of these jobs entail a bit (or a whole lot) of travelling!


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1. Fashion Merchandiser


If you are a Business major who is fashionably inclined, this one is for you. Once a product is ready, designers need someone to get their product out in the market and that person would be you. It would be your responsibility to guide the designer and let them know what consumers want, and what drives them away.

This job requires an inclination for numbers and a whole lot of creativity, in order to understand the ‘whys’ of your reports. You essentially are the communicator for the designer’s audience, allowing them to get a feel of it and execute it in their collections.


India: NIFT’s Apparel Costing & Fashion Merchandising Management
International: UAL London College Of Fashion’s Fashion Buying & Merchandising


2. Brand Manager


If you think you have great leadership qualities and your insights into the fashion world can make a difference, then here’s an option for you. Indulging in luxury fashion through a whole lot of R&D, your responsibility as a brand manager would be to create and develop the image of the brand — from pricing, to style and the brand’s target.

Going beyond just checking up on the development of new products, you will also have to work with the other departments in your company to create marketing and sales plans for these high-end collections.

Basically, the brand’s image is in your hands.


India: Pearl Academy’s Luxury Brand Management
International: Instituto Marangoni’s Fashion & Luxury Brand Management


Careers in fashion_Hauterfly

3. Production Manager


If you’re someone who is creative and would like to get your hands dirty from the very start, then check out the opportunities as a production manager. Being on the forefront of production, you would be responsible for where the manufacturing of the apparel begins.

Working closely with suppliers and retailers, you will be the one responsible for the quality of the raw materials, especially the textiles involved in production, while keeping a close eye on cutting costs. You will also need to have an eye for detail, especially when design changes are put forward.

You know how sustainable fashion is currently on the rise? If you are an eco-friendly person, who wants to make a difference to the world, AND loves fashion, then this would be your gateway.

If you are a master of textiles, and have studied the nuances of it, then fashion production would be best suited for you. Although there are several courses that could eventually allow you to converge into this role, here are our recommendations.


India: NIFT Bachelor’s Of Fashion Technology
International:  New York Fashion Institute of Technology’s Production Management


4. Textile Designer


The other spectrum of fashion designing would be textile design. If you’re someone who has a creative and artistic hand, and has a feel for fabrics, then textile designing would be ideal for you. The best part of it is that it isn’t only restricted to clothing and extends to anything that requires fabric.

As the name suggests, textile designing would require you to have intricate drawing skills and an exquisite eye for detail to translate those designs onto the textiles.

Besides the techniques of designing, you would need to understand the production of looms and also need to have a great sense of colour and aesthetics.


India: National Institute of Design’s Textile Design
International: UAL London College of Fashion’s Digital Textile Printing


Careers in fashion_Hauterfly

5. Fashion Buyer


If you have a keen eye for trends and know who your target audience really, really wants — then fashion buyer is an option you should explore. As a fashion buyer, you’d basically be responsible for choosing apparel from a certain brand for retail companies to sell.

This role requires a business background, as well as some market knowledge of the luxury fashion industry. Buyers are usually required to analyse fashion and sales trends, in order to predict and anticipate what your consumers would want to see at their favourite retail stores.

With luxury international brands hitting Indian waters, the requirement for fashion buyers are ever-increasing in the country!


India: ISDI Parsons Mumbai’s Fashion Communications
International: London School Of Fashion’s Fashion Buying And Merchandising


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