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41 People Test Positive For The Coronavirus After They Attended A Swingers Convention In New Orleans. This Is Shocking.

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This entire year, all we have really done is to try our best to stay safe and far away from as many people as possible. The coronavirus has completely overturned the way we live our lives. However, even after all this time people still don’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation we face. So, while we have been staying away from loved ones and only leaving our houses when it’s absolutely essential, there are people who are just not bothered about the virus and putting others at risk. They’re living their lives as if there isn’t a deadly virus on the loose.  It’s really no wonder that 41 people were infected in New Orleans, USA after they attended a swingers convention. They really are covidiots. 

In what the officials are calling a “super-spreader event”, about 250 people gathered in New Orleans for a swingers convention called “Naughty in N’awlins”. Normally, I would point out that the name is amusing and absolutely perfect for the event but right now I am too annoyed to do that. If you were wondering why the cases in America are surging, this kind of stupidity is your answer. 

One of the organizer’s of this genius event, Bob Hannaford, addressed the outbreak in a blog post. He said, “If I could go back in time, I would not produce this event again.” Why would you gather 250 people in the middle of a pandemic in the first place? It’s like having a rain-dance party in the middle of a drought. 

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In the blog post, Bob said that social distancing was enforced at the swingers convention, and contact diaries were kept. He said event-goers were tested for coronavirus before arriving, and 50% already had antibodies. Bob attributed the outbreak to complacency as the three-day event neared the end. 

Bob said, “When we contacted the people that were positive, we asked them several questions to find more potential positive cases and try to find out where the biggest risks took place.” Further adding, “In almost every case, they admitted to us that they were super diligent on the first two days (Wed and Thurs) and then they relaxed a little on Friday and then they said ‘Fuck it, it’s our last day’ and many admitted that their lax effort on that final day is probably why they ended up positive.”

According to another report, the Naughty in N’awlins event was much smaller than in previous years. About 2,000 people attended in 2019. And while compared to that 250 is a much smaller turnout, I am surprised that so many people agreed to risk their lives in the first place. People are in a state of panic and paranoia all around the world but what does the USA have to worry about? It’s not like they have the highest number of COVID cases. Oh, wait.  

Usually, I empathize with the people who are unfortunate enough to come in contact with the virus. But that’s definitely not the case with these 41 people. Why would you go to a swingers convention in the middle of a pandemic? We don’t even go to the supermarket. It’s just good sense to not risk your health. 

We have to do better if we want the pandemic to end.

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