3 Products That Help Make Period Cramps A Little More Bearable


Here’s a suggestion. It comes from a place from honesty. A few days before my periods make their appearance, steer clear of me. How do you tell? Oh you will know. I just get very angry, irritated and eat a lot of cheesy fried food like it’s going out of fashion. And my periods are relatively easy and pain-free I know that for a lot of women, period cramps are so painful, it’s debilitating.

Almost every month, most women snuggle up with a hot water bag, scarfing down chips and generally being irritable. And it’s understandable. So we went around looking for products that might help during our periods. These products, and there are 3 different types, claim that they can alleviate period cramps.



  1. Livia Period Pain and Cramp Relief Device Kit

Okay, we might have all felt a few vibrations down there but the Livia period pain device actually taps into our body’s natural pain defenses to make our periods less painful. The company claims that , “Livia can eliminate strong menstrual pains and provide significant relief, even in the most severe cases. Livia has shown impressive results with women suffering from endometriosis resulting in significant pain relief.” Apparently, you just clip it on and forget about it. Oh okay then.  Then again, this comes at a price and we don’t know if we would be willing to shell out so much!

2. Sirona Period Pain Relief Patches

I can understand you being wary of things that claim to make period cramps better and simply involve pasting them on. The pain relief patches from Sirona provides cooling relief from cramps, says the company. The idea is to stick these on and go about your day. This did give me informercial feels initially but I think they might be on to something.


3. Sanfe Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On For Instant Relief From Period Pain

This is a roll on for period cramps. Wait, what? Yeah, you simply apply this roll on and it’s supposed to take take of your pesky cramps. You can use it on your abdomen, of course, but also on your legs, or back or any other body part that is in pain. It’s supposed to be instantly soothing. Have you tried these?

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