10 Things You Should NEVER Tell A Girl With Tattoos

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Have you ever gotten inked? Welcome to Judgement Road. It’s a place where anybody and everybody – regardless of whether they pay your monthly bills or not – wants to make passive-aggressive judgements on your body art. Forget gawking at you because you… erm… have a tattoo, they label you “the girl with the tattoo(s)” as though you’re some kind of anomaly to the usual human order. *cue raised eyebrow expression*

So I’m writing this for all you folks out there who’ve just bumped into someone that’s gotten inked: You DON’T need to love us. But you do need to open your mouth and remove the foot you’ve constantly been putting in there.

1. “Eww. I hate tattoos!”

Thank you for your (unsolicited) opinion. Can we please sit down together and make a list of all the other things you hate? You know,  just so I can live my life according to your preferences.

2. “*I* can never get inked like that.”

Then we should be really grateful it’s not on your body. Sorry I didn’t live up to your expectations. Can you give me one more chance to redeem myself? (Not!)

3. “That tattoo will look ugly when you’re old and wrinkly, no?”

No. I’ll just be the awesome old lady with cool tattoos. *boooooom!*

4. “Your parents must totally be mad at you for that tattoo.”

Let me just fish my phone out of my bag and dial them. They’ll most likely tell you how awesome it actually looks, and how not to judge their totally awesome daughter.

5. “You party too much, I’m sure.”

Would you like a seat on my hypocrisy chair? We’re in 2015. Get over it.

6. “You must be hungover most days, right?”


7. “So how many boyfriends do you have?”

Just because I like body art, doesn’t mean I’m easy. I mean jeez. Seriously.

8. “Yo! Can you help get me some dope?”

Congratulations. You’re now the founding member of the “How To Annoy The S**t Out Of Someone You’ve Just Met” club. Please, don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter.

9. “That tattoo design…does it have something to do with your break-up?”

I would’ve totally answered that one if you had just asked, “What does your tattoo mean?” Now you may kindly take a hike while I roll my eyeballs into my socket.

10. “That’s not permanent, right? It’s really a sticker, isn’t it?!”

I mean…I can’t even… I’m done.

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