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7 Awesome Gift Ideas For The Tech-Loving Person In Your Life

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Diwali is around the corner. Which means plenty of lights, lots of mithai and spending a lot of time figuring out what to gift people. Of course, a lot of people duck all responsibility and will hand out mithais by the dozen, considering its the easiest option and requires practically no thinking. Or maybe you could recycle a gift, because who doesn’t do that?

But say you want to buy someone special, something special. A person who enjoys technology and plays around with gadgets with glee. We have a bunch of nerdy options for you to choose from. Surprise a loved one with a thoughtful gift.

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Beats On-Ear Headphones (Rs 7000)

If the person in question loves music and is the first one to introduce you to a good number, they will appreciate a great pair of headphones. And these ones from Beats offer high fidelity sound that captures every nuance and the depth of sound is pretty fabulous as well. These also make for a great gift for someone who’s an introvert. They get to tune out the world.

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Kindle E-Reader (Rs 5999)

There’s nothing a reader loves more than a good book. And give it to them in a form where they can read it in darkness or weighs practically nothing and you’ve a winner on your hand. The Kindle is exactly that. Thousands of books available at the touch of a button. What’s not to love?

Inpost- Diwali Tech Gifts 1

Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband (Rs 11,550)

Know someone who loves being fit? Obviously, buying them a set of dumbbells might not make for a great Diwali gift. But you know what will? The Fitbit. They can track their activity, calories consumed, heart rate, and even give you a score. This might even get a lazy person to start moving.

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HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer (Rs 6999)

Yes, you have millions of pictures on your phone. But you can’t deny the charm of a printed picture framed in a pretty corner of your house. And this portable photo printer from HP allows you play around with borders, emojis and plenty of other things. With Diwali here, it’s the perfect occasion.

Inpost- Diwali Tech Gifts 4

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera (Rs 3999)

First of all, this is undeniably cute. Just look at the colours. This is a camera you can slide into your purse and take along and instantly get your photos printed. Honestly, Diwali is just an excuse, this makes for a great gift any time of the year.

Inpost- Diwali Tech Gifts 2

Apple iPad Tablet (Rs 23,999)

This is basically a flatter, more portable version of your laptop or personal computer and if you have someone who enjoys tech, they will love an Ipad. It specially makes for a great gift for someone who loves gaming or watching movies at home.

Inpost- Diwali Tech Gifts 5

Google Home Mini (Rs 2449)

We have all had times when we have wished we could order someone to do things for us. If you don’t have siblings or have ones that don’t listen, the Google Home Mini is amazing. Basically, you get to shout out a bunch of instructions at a device and it will play a video, music and stop doing it if you ask it to. What’s not to love?

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