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The Body Lotion That Makes Japleen’s Skin Super Smooth

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Growing up, every time I was leaving the house my mum would make sure I’d applied some body lotion and sunscreen. It was a sin to go anywhere without wearing them. Now, that my mom has given up on me, I have to remind myself to keep following the routine. As a result of often forgetting to do that, my skin has become extremely dry. I can even make really interesting white line sketches on my hands with my nails. Adding to that, I have a habit of not drinking enough water. How will my skin be happy like this?



The answer to the above question is a hydrating body lotion and a daily reminder on my phone! After a lot of discussions with my friends, I zeroed on this amazing moisturiser from Victoria’s Secret. Firstly, it’s Victoria’s Secret, so undoubtedly the smell is amazing. Secondly, it is infused with verbena, which is an excellent ingredient to freshen up tired, dull skin. Also, I love sipping on verbena tea, so this was the perfect choice for me and it didn’t disappoint. It has a light citrus scent that stays for a long, long time. It has cotton moisture complex that does the work of hydrating your skin and keeping it healthy. The packaging is minimal in black and white with a cute little blue bow on top.

If you don’t like verbena, you can go for other options in this range like coconut milk, rose, shea butter, passionflower, and more. Apply it immediately after a shower when your skin is still damp (and therefore primed to fully absorb all its hydrating goodness) and your will feel smooth and supple all day. What’s awesome is that I now remember to use some lotion everyday without fail!

SHOP NOW: Victoria’s Secret Verbena Hydrating Body Lotion (Rs 1,440)


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