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These Wireless Earphones Are What Every Cool Kid Needs RN!

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If there’s one thing I need when navigating the Mumbai local trains, it’s to have my hands free. But as if! I’m almost always clutching onto my phone for dear life as I make a dash for the train, simultaneously holding my handbag protectively against my chest to avoid being pick-pocketed. I obviously can’t afford to drop my phone into my handbag with my earphones plugged into my ears. (You know that annoying tugging feeling, right?) So, when wireless earphones arrived at the Hauterfly HQ, you know who charged for them.

As soon as I got my hands on the RHA MA650 earphones from Headphone Zone, I turned on the bluetooth on my phone, and promptly dumped my old but faithful 20-foot long earphones deep in the recesses of my bag. I’ve always dreamed of a time when I would commute to and fro the office without having a million little things to take care of (read: handbag, phone, lunch bag etc). Looks like that dream has finally come true.

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Headphone Zone RHA MH650 Wireless

These noise cancellation earphones are my knight in shining armour when it comes to ignoring those annoying aunties on the train every morning. Besides the great audio quality, these earphones definitely make me a lot swifter in public places, since I’m able to listen to my music without a never-ending wire hanging from my ears.

These earphones would also be a great workout buddy, while you’re running on the treadmill or jogging in the park.

When I don’t have the earphones in my ears, I just let them hang loose around my neck. Honestly, it works as a great accessory doppelganger too! My dream of being a cool kid has finally come to life!

While I tried the MA650 Wireless (Rs 4999), these earphones also have a splash-resistant version — the MA750 Wireless earphones — that is perfect for the monsoon. Of course, they come at a much higher price (buy here at Rs 12,000). Frankly, I’d much rather use these and carry my umbrella for protection.

This is a great tech accessory for girls who are fashionable, fitness-oriented and can’t be bothered with long, pesky wires!

SHOP NOWHeadphone Zone RHA MH650 Wireless (Rs 4,999)


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