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This Birdcage Instantly Upped The Look Of Alisha’s Living Room

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You could say that I’m house proud. I love when my living space looks and feels ideal. And I don’t mean like the sanitised layout in a home décor magazine. I mean comfortable, well-lit, and reflective of my personality and aesthetic.

And the one thing I believe firmly when doing up my own space is that lighting dictates the most about the personality of the whole area. In keeping with this thought, I have found that fairy lights add a certain magic to a setting that is otherwise absent.

Now, you guys might scoff at me that birdcages are so 2000, but I don’t care. I love them. And add fairy lights to that game and I am totally and completely sold.


PropShop24 THE BIRDCAGE - WHITE_Inpost

PropShop24 Birdcage

I have been scouring flea markets, stores, and the great web for the perfect birdcage for a while now, and I should’ve known that it was going to be PropShop 24 that would come through.

Somewhere in the middle of their countless new arrivals, there was this pretty birdcage that was exactly what I was looking for — the last piece in the puzzle, if you may.

What I love about the birdcage is that, like an LBD, it can be dressed up or dressed down according to how you want it to be.

If you want to treat it like a lamp, then just drape some fairy lights on it and hang it up. If you want to use it as a centrepiece on your coffee table, you place it there and dress it up with some pretty origami birds.

The point being, the item itself is majorly versatile and adds a fun, playful element to your house. And although the colour of the cage is currently white, another thing you can do to change it up is paint it any colour you like. The options are endless!

SHOP NOW: PropShop Birdcage (Rs 1,650)


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