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Zahra Has Added This Luxe iPhone 7 Case To Her Shopping Cart

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For me, one of the best things about working at Hauterfly is the people I’m surrounded by. From my amazeballs edit team to our fabulous tech and sales teams at Fork Media, it’s the people that make it such a fantastic place to work.

And among my (many) favourite people at work is Fork’s own CEO Samar Varma. The man’s not just a hard taskmaster who gets shit done, he’s also a total softie when it comes to the people who work for him. So recently on a trip to Delhi, when I casually mentioned that my old iPhone was just about ready to give up and die, he promptly came by my desk the next day with a spanking new iPhone 7 (in rose gold, no less) to replace my oldie but goldie. I mean, can you ask for a better boss, partner in crime, and work husband? (Sorry, Pandu!)

And now that this little white box of amazingness is in my life — with its bigger and better features, and DSLR-quality photos — the most pressing matter at hand for me has been what to cover it with. There are so many chic options out there today, that it’s hard to whittle down the choices. Do I want something clear to show off the phone’s pretty casing and colour? Or do I want one with a cheeky graphic art? The choices have been driving me crazy.


Nappa Dori iPhone 7 Case_Inpost_Hauterfly

Nappa Dori Cocoa iPhone 7 Case


That is, until I spotted Nappa Dori’s new launch email in my inbox earlier this week.

The stylish purveyor of luxe leather accessories has just launched a set of iPhone 7 cases, and I knew I’d found the one as soon as I spotted that rich cocoa-coloured case on the website.

Crafted from high-quality, hand-crafted leather fitted over a plastic casing, the luxe leather cover is embossed with the Nappa Dori monogram on the outside, and laser-cut details on the inside. Keeping both form and function in mind, the case not only protects my (rather expensive) gadget but also gives the handset a seriously understated yet luxurious vibe.

After all, every Hauterfly has got to dial it up in style, yes?

SHOP NOW: Nappa Dori Cocoa iPhone 7 Case (Rs 2,650)


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