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The Passport Cover That Has Farozan Feeling Exotic!

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So, here’s the thing — I absolutely ADORE my Indian passport. Granted, it does not give me too many privileges in the world and makes immigration a pain in the butt.

But, you guys, it’s one classy looking document! Simple, sophisticated, and dignified. But, it’s also so plain looking that it’ll easily blend into a bag and get lost.

Calling me a scatterbrained traveller would honestly not do justice to what a confused/lost/wreck of a traveller I am.

I mean, losing my passport is one of my most real fears and it’s not unfounded, because I’m legitimately careless AF. The mere prospect of haphazardly emptying my carry bag at the airport is giving me a cold sweat — EEK!



India Circus Trinity Parade Passport Cover


So, since I have a family vacay coming up and I’d like to distinguish my passport from the rest of the clan’s, I’ve picked this gorgeous little passport cover from India Circus. This particular one features a tribe of majestic elephants in a scenic plantation.

Sure, this cover has India Circus’ characteristic kitsch factor, but I really like the fact that it’s set against a more mellow background, giving it a sophisticated look.

I mean, I wouldn’t be caught dead with a bedazzled, pink glitter cover — I’m not 12, FFS. I also deliberately chose this cover because, at the end of the day, it still looks desi. It’s all about staying true to your roots, y’know?

Also, one day, I hope some ignorant co-traveller walks up to me and asks me if we travel on elephants in India, just so that I can smack them with this oh-so-cool passport cover. And how cool would it look in any pre-flight Insta? (Don’t pretend like you don’t do it too, dahling!?)

SHOP NOW: India Circus Trinity Parade Passport Cover (Rs 799)


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