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The Bracelet That Is Adding All The Sparkle In Japleen’s Life!

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Last week, I told you that I’m not a big fan of accessorizing — it is true. But, when someone asks me what would I prefer if not a watch, my immediate answer is a bracelet. To be fair, it fits and looks a lot like a watch. Basically, I don’t like my wrist to be bare. With the many styles of bracelets out there, it becomes difficult to pick just one! Some days, I’m in the mood for bright, funky charm kinda bracelets, while on others, I like to go the classy way and keep it simple. On most days, the latter wins.

So, with an office party coming up, I absolutely had to buy a new bracelet that would be appropriate for the occasion. Something pretty yet simple!


When I started my bracelet hunt, I stumbled upon Pipa + Bella’s page on Facebook. I decided to check it out and to say I was impressed is an understatement. It’s like a jewellery lover’s paradise! The best part? The pieces are so affordable that it is unbelievable! As I was browsing through the bracelet collection, I spotted this gorgeous gold band with a sparkling crystal — I was sold. So sleek and light that you’ll forget you’re wearing it. The main hero of this bracelet is the stone — doesn’t it add such a regal touch? Putting it on and taking it off is pretty simple too, so I won’t be constantly paranoid about breaking it.

Pair it with a straight-cut formal dress with high heels or even a simple cotton saree — classy and elegant. Plus, it costs barely 600 bucks! I mean, come on, why haven’t you clicked shop yet?

SHOP NOW: Pipa Bella Crystal Stone Open Bangle (Rs 599) 


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