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These Sunglasses Are Helping Farozan Stay Cool This Summer

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Summer or not, I refuse to leave the house without at least one pair of sunglasses, if not 3. You must be wondering what kind of freak walks around with 3 pairs of sunglasses in her bag, but you see, I stow away 2 pairs and wear the spare. A girl can never have too many options, no?

Seriously, though, a good pair of sunnies is the purrfect cherry on top of the ice cream sundae that is a good outfit. (Note to self: I should not write while I’m hungry, otherwise I end up making silly food analogies, but mmmm sundaes.)



Charles & Keith Burgundy Oversized Wayfarers (Rs 6,999)


But I digress. Apart from sunscreen, the most important thing in any girl’s summer arsenal is a good pair of sunglasses. Especially if you’re prone to migraines, like I am. Since I’m a loud and proud member of the ‘all things OTT’ tribe, it’s no doubt that I find myself in lust with these gorgeous sunglasses from Charles & Keith.

These aren’t your basic wayfarers, girl, oh no. If you rock more of a neutrals kinda vibe, then you should check out these instead. This particular pair from Charles & Keith features an oversized frame in a stunning burgundy acetate that’s offset with tinted lenses. Ooh la la!

I can just imagine how stunning it would look paired with a matching lippie. Sure, it would be a challenge to pair these with your everyday outfits, but from my point of view, this is a ‘proper’ statement accessory that will add the perfect bit of funk to a staid outfit. Like my pick? Hate it? Let me know on our Insta, Facebook, or Twitter.

SHOP NOW: Charles & Keith Burgundy Oversized Wayfarers (Rs 6,999)


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