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Mansi Weighs In On The New Benefit Boiing Concealers

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You know what they say, right? ‘Keep your makeup close, but your concealer closer.’ Okay, so maybe I made that up. But I do find myself reaching out for my concealer more than any other beauty product. Which speaks volumes. About me, not the product. About my late nights, addiction to Instagram and other guilty pleasures that promptly show up under my eyes the next day. 

So, when Benefit called us over to try out their new concealers, I was intrigued. And they went all out with their launch. They’ve introduced 4 new concealers and I put the Brightening Concealer to the test. This was formerly called the Erase Paste. 

Benefit Boiing Brightening Concealer

Right off the bat, let me tell you that this product is practically weightless. It glides on easily and blends out like a dream. It comes in a pot, which could be a bummer if you don’t like exposing your products to lots of germs. That’d be all of us. When I put it on, it didn’t pull at the sensitive under eye area, didn’t need incessant blending, and didn’t crease on me, so it was all looking good.

Benefit Boiing Brightening Concealer


Cut to a few hours later, this concealer abandoned my under eye area in haste with tiny specks holding on for dear life, rather unsuccessfully. The area also looked grey and ashy, which is surprising because this one is supposed to have some colour-correcting thingamajigs as well. *shakes head*

Also, Benefit, if you’re listening, surely you know that we need more than 3 shades? There are more shades than that on my face alone.  

I am not bowled over by this product, but maybe this is good for regular wear. I am firmly parking my backside on the fence. 

SHOP NOW: Benefit Boiing Brightening Concealer (Rs 1680)

Benefit Cosmetics are available at Sephora stores across India

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