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8 Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts You Can Buy Under Rs. 1000. Get It Before It’s Too Late!

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OMG! Christmas is just two nights away! But what I’m really really excited about is the upcoming team Hauterrfly meeting! So, we’ve got Secret Santa here. But as a Hauterrfly secret Santa we are told to only buy gifts of up to Rs. 1000 for our lovely colleagues and we get to exchange gifts on Christmas eve! But buying gifting with a budget in mind can be a little tricky, hai na? It took me forever to be a good secret Santa and get my colleague a gift that would make her squeal in excitement. This got me thinking that there are so many others like me who are struggling to find a budget-friendly Christmas gift for their loved ones (yes, my colleagues are my loved ones too). So, I thought why not save everyone the trouble of having to browse the internet looking for a gift that’s under Rs. 1000. Check out this list of budget-friendly Christmas gifts to pick from before it’s too late!

1. SoulTree Bodywash


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You might be living on a budget since it is the end of the month but that doesn’t mean that you cannot pamper your loved ones. Pampering can happen within a budget too. SoulTree has a variety of aromatic and organic shower gels that are beneficial for the skin. And this budget-friendly Christmas gift can be bought for just Rs. 890! Click here to buy.

2. Dating App Membership


All your single friends, cousins and colleagues are probably feeling lonely right now. The holiday season can often make singles feel that way but your budget-friendly Christmas gift can always come to their rescue. Get your single loved ones a premium membership of dating apps like Tinder. The cost of premium membership is usually priced anywhere between Rs. 600 to Rs. 1400 depending on the app. So, take your pick!

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3. Nykaa Bath & Body Kit


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Skincare and beauty products are a great way to shower your loved ones with love! Nykaa has a great range of bath and body combo kits to pick from. My personal favourite is the Nykaa Wanderlust French Lavender shower gel, body lotion and fragrance mist combo. You can buy this budget-friendly Christmas gift just for Rs. 975. Click here to buy.

4. Reading Lamp


We all have that one odd friend (or black sheep) in the family who’s a total night owl. They either work till late or stay up binge-watching something or they indulge in some desultory reading. And for people like these, a reading lamp can make for a great thoughtful and budget-friendly Christmas gift. Click here to buy.

5. Accessories

Christmas Accessories – Amazon

Who doesn’t love some bling during the bling season? It’s not possible for everyone to get their loved ones expensive real jewellery but you can always buy a pair of cute earrings or Christmas special accessories that scream Santa! You are, after all, the Santa in someone’s life and you can get a bunch of these accessories within your budget. Click here to buy.

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6. Mezmo Candies


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Know someone who has a sweet tooth? You can get them a box of healthy sugar-free candies from Mezmo candies. The candies from this brand are made from real fruit and are good for your gut. Mezmo candies are chemical and additives free. So, get your loved ones a box full of happiness just for Rs. 540. Click here to buy.

7. Comforter

I absolutely love comforters and people who gift me comforters. They are all about comfort and can make you feel loved and cosy all the time. Who needs a man when you can get a comforter to give you cuddles? And if you have a person like me in your life who would rather have a relationship with the bed thachristn anything else, just buy them a cute super comfy comforter. This one in pink is my personal favourite and it’s a pretty budget-friendly Christmas gift because you can get it just for Rs. 929. Click here to buy.

Psst…there’s nothing wrong with getting that pair of red socks as a budget-friendly gift.

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