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5 Factors To Consider Before You Buy Your Sports Bra To Ensure Your Boobs Are Getting Lots Of Support

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I’ve always loved a good run. The exhaustion you feel afterward, the way the sweat makes your skin glow and of course, the way it helps you tone the body, running is hands down the best form of exercise. And when you run, or actually do an intense form of exercise, it means that the boobs will jiggle. That’s normal. But don’t leave your twins out there to support themselves. Hold them up and in with a fabulous sports bra. But I get that picking one up isn’t easy. Then again, there is critical reason they are the ideal workout wear, a correct sports bra not only supports your breasts but also the connecting tissue underneath that keeps them firm and prevents them from sagging. Choosing the correct sports bra is a lot like choosing a good boyfriend, it needs to check all the boxes, or it isn’t good enough! Read on to know what those boxes are!


If you thought getting the fit of a normal bra right was tedious, you clearly never have put on a sports bra! Trial and error is the best way to judge which size and which brand suits you the best. Unless you are really small-chested, I suggest avoiding the general sized ones. To know if a sports bra is the one for you, ensure that the band sits firmly on your rib cage, and the straps don’t dig into your shoulder. Your ideal sports bra shouldn’t have any bulges on the back or from above your breasts and there should be no wrinkles either. I know it’s a lot to keep in mind, just remember it’ll all be worth it when your boobs are held in place.


Finding the ideal sports bra can be intimidating – there are so many options to choose from. My favourite one is racerback since it not only looks really stylish but also offers plenty of support to the boobs. There is also compression bra which works mainly for small-chested people, crisscross which also offers plenty of support  for the boobs. Most convenient of them all is back clasp. This kind is adjustable from the back and the straps will keep you supported if you lose or put on weight.


Choosing a sports bra is all about support, without the correct amount of support it is essentially not doing anything for you. Don’t fret, it’s pretty simple to figure out how much support you need depending on the impact level of your exercise. So, for example, if you’re going for a run, dancing or taking a crossfit class you should buy a high-impact bra. If you indulge in power yoga or brisk walking a medium-impact bra will work just fine and if you do Pilates or normal yoga a low-impact bra is what you should buy.

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If you have found the right sports bra, it all fits and supports correctly but it is of the wrong fabric, you could have a sweaty situation on your hand. Sports bras come in a variety of fabrics- cotton is light and breezy but if you’re into an exercise that involves a lot of sweating which let’s face it they all do, cotton won’t work at all. Spandex is the preferred choice because of its elasticity and ability to absorb moisture. And finally, there is microfibre which is a thin synthetic material that is good for support and has really good moisture-wicking properties.


A good thing only stays good if it is maintained properly, this rule is true of almost everything including bras. If you happen to chance upon your ideal sports bra, it will lose all its magical uplifting abilities if you don’t know how to maintain it! Maintenance is pretty simple actually, all you need to remember is to replace them every 72 washes. If you hang on to them for longer, they will chafe and lose elasticity. Always wash in cold water and never ever put them in the dryer. Hand dry them or if they are the ones without cups, use a lingerie bag in the dryer. Do not bleach and use fabric softener as they will hamper the moisture absorbing qualities of the fabric.

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