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There are too many shoe styles available in the market these days. And shoe lover or not, keeping up with every new trend is quite a Herculean task. No one can know everything, right? Going by how impossible it is to refrain from adding an extra pair to your shoe closet, there’s no doubt that you will never get tired of footwear shopping in this lifetime.

When our fashion writer Simi mentioned that a bunch of SS16 runway shows included flatforms as one of their biggest shoe trends, I decided to research some more about this trend. I think it’s a MUST try this season especially if you love experimenting with your outfits and need a cool accessory to elevate your look. If you look through the history of flatform shoes, you’ll know that flatforms were associated more with people wanting to look taller than fashionable. In fact, they were used during Medieval times by the Greeks to give the illusion of height while performing stage. Still wondering what this style really is? Read on.

Flatforms are regular flats with just one difference. They have a higher sole of equal height from toe-to-heel. I must add that they’re super comfortable, which is why they’re perfect daytime shoes. The best part is, they make you look taller without having to go through the pain of wearing high heels. Now isn’t that cool? Say buh-bye to the pain of wearing heels, and spare your little toe the damage by trying out flatforms instead.

You can team these with anything you please. Wear them with casual jeans and a tee to the movies or team them with frayed shorts and a crop top to be music festival-ready. Whoever said you can’t be comfortable at a party clearly has no clue that platforms exist. Dress up or dress down depending on the occasion, and keep these flatforms a constant. Easily shift into party mode post work by donning these. Even thinking about how well I can style them makes me want to buy a pair right away!

Here are some cool flatforms for you to try right now:



Lara Karen Copper Flatforms (Rs 1,259)


SR Store Grey Flatform Boots (Rs 3,690)


Steve Madden Black Flatforms (Rs 5,199)

Gush Gold Triband Flatforms (Rs 3,500)

Shachi Lavingia

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