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Welcome To Hauterfly!

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I still remember when Elle India launched in December 1996. One of the first few international fashion magazines to enter the country, it made an instant fan out of me because it didn’t just feature fashion and lifestyle stories – categories largely ignored by women’s titles back then – but also had pages filled with clothes, shoes, make-up and inspiring women. There was nothing quite like it back then.

Today, the landscape is very different. There are several international fashion mags clamouring for your attention, and monthlies have made way for daily digital destinations that are experts in curation: narrowing down (web)page after (web)page of pretty things to buy from your favourite e-stores, the thousands of beauty products at your local mall or the non-stop feed of FOMO-inducing items you see in your favourite bloggers’ Instagram photos. All this, at the convenient click of a few buttons.

Enter Hauterfly. First of all, the name: It represents a fashion industry insider heavily entrenched in the industry’s social scene – someone who is among the first to know what’s new before it’s in the mags, and what’s hot before it’s trending. There are a few phrases you’ll hear nearly everyday at Hauterfly HQ: “Where’d you get that?”; “I totally need that right now”; “These pieces are so adorable…let’s feature them!”; and “She is such a Hauterfly.” That last phrase is the ultimate compliment in our books.

A Hauterfly loves fashion and beauty and shopping – but marches to the beat of her own soundtrack. She doesn’t care for “What’s In/What’s Out” lists – if something looks good on her, she’ll wear it and own it season after season. She wears Zara with Hermès, and loves discovering something new. This sort of fashion obsessiveness is what makes Hauterfly. We’re all about the thrill of the hunt, i.e. discovering the best stuff from beloved and recently uncovered brands – and sharing all these incredible finds with you.

While most fashion magazines we love do a fabulous job of taking an actress or a model and giving her a fantastical makeover, Hauterfly’s mission is to talk to celebrities and influencers who have innate personal style and share their secrets with you. Of course, there’s tons of beauty and style inspiration for you to browse through as well.

I’d like to mention here a few key people who’ve helped put this site together the last few months: There’s our intrepid fashion writer Simi Kuriakose, who browses hundreds of websites and products everyday to bring you comprehensive guides about what to buy when, where and how. Then there’s Bushra Khan, a bonafide beauty junkie who writes about products and make-up tips like she’s your best friend. Also meet Shachi Lavingia, who does double duty as lifestyle and social media writer and is the resident lipstick queen. Finally there’s Poorva Dubey, our young graphic designer who makes all our stories look so good. You’ll get to know each of us through our stories over the next few weeks, so be sure to leave us your feedback. We’d LOVE to know what you think!

This is just the beginning. And I’m so happy you’re along for the ride.

Happy browsing!

~ Zahra

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