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From ‘Waka Waka’ To Revenge Dressing, We Picked Our Favourite Style Moments By Shakira

February 02, 2023 | by Jasveen Kaur Sawhney

Every kid who has grown up in the 90s knows the magic of Shakira. From her epic songs–”Waka Waka” and “Hips Don’t Lie,: the singer is popularly titled the Latin Queen, responsible for the globalisation of Latin music. Ever since her big English album debut in 2000, the actress soon became an icon, for both music and fashion lovers. Be it her popular music videos, award shows or live stage performances, one aspect of Shakira’s personal taste in fashion would always reflect through her outfits. With a liking for designing, the songstress has often taken that extra stress to build her own outfits for important events, like the 2001 MTV Awards. Yes, I am talking about that feathered bikini top. Travelling since, the musician’s iconic fashion saw an obsession towards revenge dressing, which Shakira slowly moved towards, post her much-talked-about split with husband–Gerard Piqué, who cheated on her. So, as the music star celebrates her 46th birthday today, we look back at our favourite, most iconic fashion moments, delivered by the Waka Waka girl.


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Laundry Service

Shakira’s breakthrough album–Laundry Service, parcelled her love for music to Hollywood, with songs that required her to learn a new language and gift wrap a new set of songs for English listeners. In the year 2001, the album became one of the hottest music pieces by any artist and pushed Shakira to enter the race of American music stars like–Jennifer Lopez. With this, Shakira carved her impression on fashion nerds, with her signature giant blonde waves and patchwork denim. A love letter to the departed 90s, Shakira’s sense of street style fashion was more nuanced and a close version of couture. Through her stack of crop tops and printed, patched bellbottoms, the singer introduced fans to fashion’s new obsession with statement belts.

VMAs 2001

The same year, Shakira arrived for the VMAs in a borderline bizarre, but still iconic look in her memorable fashion moments, so far. The singer-songwriter, expressed her love for DIY fashion, by building her much-talked-about feather look for the VMAs. A piece that she curated all by herself, featured a string-attached bralette, covered with golden, caramel feathers. Teaming it with her favourite low-rise leather pants, featuring an overlay of muddy lace patches that touched the floor and her matching boots. She gave the handmade ensemble a more Xena: Warrior Princess update, with her unusual tiara. The look may have entered the world’s most outrageous fashion trends, but Shakira’s handmade effort was worth looking at.

Hips Don’t Lie

In her roster of long-lived and loved songs was her 2005 popular track–”Hips Don’t Lie.” With this, the singer brought the craze for waist accessories into fashion trend charts. Making it to some of the biggest trends of the year was her idea of colourful frill skirts and knotted crop tops, which soon became a pick-me-up piece for Coachella. The music video also popularised the technique of see-through, body embellishments. With lyrics, sequin-bohemia was a much-loved style attraction for many from the era. And while my childhood was all about hiding and listening to the song, because–”hips don’t lie,” isn’t what an 8-year-old is supposed to be hearing, Shakira pulled up a magic trick and had the world dancing to the song.

The Growing Love For Belly Dance Belts

Shakira popularised the coin-clad belts worn by belly dancers as the 2000s favourite fashion statement with her growing love for the accessory. From music videos to red-carpet appearances, the singer made sure to get a custom-made design around her waist. The soaring fame of these accessories pushed people to call these popular belly belts, the Shakira belt. Yes, that big was the impact of the singer on this accessory. Back in 2005 as well, the singer performed at the VMAs and achieved the feat of entering the nominations as the first-ever Spanish-language song. For her popular performance, the “Waka Waka” girl gave her signature street style look, a glamorous twit, with a two-fabric bralette, teamed with ash grey cargo pants and her famous belly dance belt, dripping coins and beaded chains.

Waka Waka Fever

In the year 2010, Shakira’s official song for FIFA World Cup held in South Africa turned into the most memorable song of the era. “Waka Waka,” by the Columbia singer-songwriter, saw her wearing an African-fringed skirt, paying homage to the venue for the season, alongside her iconic hair strand accents with feathers, and colourful embellishments. Soon, her most popular look from the song became her second-best look, after her iconic colourful ensemble for the actual Waka Waka performance at the FIFA Finale took over the internet. The custom look designed by Roberto Cavalli featured an animal print, coupled with neon pom-poms. Teamed with the look was an African style-pearl belt in denim, that made it to the rockstar’s collection of waist accessories. From wrist strings in pom-pom to her mic, everything was coloured to perfection for the most memorable stage performance by Shakira.

Teaming Up With Rihanna

In 2015, the Columbian singer collaborated with Rihanna, in the dream song–”Can’t Remember To Forget You.” A culture reset for the time, the steamy video was of course Shakira’s way of collaborating with a musician of that stature, who was not a male, because her then-boyfriend Gerard Piqué (not to mention, an almost ex-husband to her today), was not a fan of men romancing his lady love on camera. With this, Shakira welcomed the Barbadian singer and their chemistry is one for the books. The 2015 song featured the two ladies in black, cut-out bodysuits, teamed with fringed hemlines. With Shakira in red and Riri in black, the two ladies led the song with this rockstar glam, in sultry silhouettes. Not to forget, their smoking hot chemistry!

The Golden Goddess

Besides her signature street style, Shakira enjoyed taking a dip in all gold, through the release of her 2017 song–”Perro Fiel.” The Spanish song from her album–El Dorado, pictured Shakira, drenched in golden paint. The iconic looks from the song took a refreshing turn from her obsession with cargo pants and bikini tops to more experimental outfits. From metallic gold to a glossy red outfit, with a Rapunzel braid, Shakira whipped up a new avatar for her fans.

Burberry BAE

The past year saw Shakira getting back to brand collaborations, as she participated in the much-loved Burberry campaign. Reinventing the see-through, sheer apparel, which she is known for, the singer-songwriter appeared in the British luxury brand’s holiday campaign. The 2022’s festive collection, brought the Waka Waka girl in a monogrammed, crystal-clad gown, that she layered over skin-hued lingerie and silver jewellery. One of our favourites on Shakira!


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The Revenge Dressing

Bringing Princess Diana’s idea of revenge dressing back to life was Shakira’s newly renovated wardrobe, after rumours about her slowly falling marriage with soccer star Gerard Piqué was shared by newspapers. Probably one of the toughest years and phases in the singer’s personal life, Shakira gave it back to her husband, who cheated on her with revenge dressing. Not keeping herself within the boundaries of home, with absolutely no media interaction, Shakira attended the biggest of red carpets and continued to churn out new music albums, amid the trying time in her life.


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The extra effort to put her “I don’t give a f*ck” attitude on the internet, was seen through her massively changed wardrobe. One of the firsts in line was her iconic black gown for Cannes 2022. Reminiscent of Princess Diana’s popular revenge dress at the Vanity Fair Gala in 1994, which made headlines soon after her husband–King Charles admitted to having an extra-marital affair with Camilla Parker. Shakira followed a similar style recipe, and through her  Instagram grid gifted us some brand new looks, ranging from her lilac cut-out bodysuit as the future doll or even the Balenciaga, chain print shirt for her breakup song for her husband–Piqué.


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We love this Waka Waka girl!

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