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‘Noth!ng’ Is The New Swimwear Brand To Check Out Right Now

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When you think of swimwear, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? “I don’t have the body for it!” or “I need to get into shape to wear it”. In reality, that shouldn’t be the case!

We’ve all grown accustomed to seeing the ideal body shape in a swimsuit, and let’s not forget all the magazines that tell us how one needs to achieve the perfect beach body in order to rock sexy swimwear. However, Noth!ng Swimwear isn’t about body shaming. Instead, it encourages body positivity and swimwear for all.

“We believe every body is a beach body, so, although we run through a size range of XS to L, our swimsuits are created to seamlessly fit various body types. No matter what size you are, Noth!ng Swimwear will give you a snug, near custom fit,” says Tas Gabajiwala, founder of the recently launched label.

So why are these swimsuits a must-have this season? Besides being made for the Indian girl, they basically embody your every swimwear need without compromising on aesthetics. Most swimsuits that are available to shop are either functional or stylish, never both. Noth!ng bridges that gap and brings fun to functional swimwear.

“Our swimsuits are locally manufactured with attention to detail, and are distinctly cut to provide more coverage and support where you need it the most.”

If you are travelling this holiday season, or simply getting sun-kissed by the beach, Noth!ng Swimwear needs to have a special place in your suitcase.


Nothing Swimwear_Hauterfly

Blue Scale Side Cut-Out Maillot (Rs 3,450)


Nothing Swimwear_Hauterfly

Spotted Rashguard (Rs 4,250)

Nothing Swimwear_Hauterfly

Leaf Me Bikini Crop Top (Rs 1,950)
B/W Stripe Bikini Bottom (Rs 1,250)

Nothing Swimwear_Hauterfly

Orange Bikini Crop Top (Rs 1,850)
Mesh High Waist Bottoms (Rs 1,350)

Nothing Swimwear_Hauterfly

B/W Stripe Maillot (Rs 3,450)

Nothing Swimwear_Hauterfly

Leaf Me Maillot (Rs 3,450)

Nothing Swimwear_Hauterfly

Caribbean Blue Bikini Crop Top (Rs 1,850)


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