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Reviewed: The Kerastase Fusio Dose Might Just Be The Taming Treatment Your Hair Needs This Summer

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The thing about hair is that you can’t entirely predict how it’s going to behave at any point in time. I mean, if I were to place bets on my hair, I wouldn’t. It’s not like my hair is unruly. In fact, it’s perfectly behaved most of the time. But then sometimes, like when I must arrive at an event looking great and poised, my hair will abandon all norms of social conduct, and be pasted to my forehead and scalp. So, there’s no telling how a particular day may go.

So, when I was given the opportunity to try out Fusio Dose, a treatment by Kerastase, which would take only 15 minutes, I was excited. I wouldn’t have to give in to the whims and fancies of my hair, I thought. 

Fusio Dose-Kerastase-Hauterfly

I arrived at the Kromakay Salon at Taj Santacruz, ready to get started. They first do a scalp analysis to figure out what your scalp really needs. The Kerastase camera takes images of the scalp and hair, so you know what issue needs to be addressed, if any. My problem was that my hair wasn’t dense enough, though the salon lady assured me that I was taking good care of my hair in general. I was beaming because I am sucker for validation. 

Analysis done, we headed to the wash area where she shampooed my hair, and conditioned it. This was followed by the Fusio Dose treatment – the concentrate is mixed with a booster- and this is sprayed on to the hair. We then waited for 5 minutes. This was awkward because my head was in the sink, and there’s no way you can look cool trying to pull off something like that. 

The technician then washed my hair, and I was whisked away to the salon chair where I finally had to support my head with my own neck. She gave me a blow-dry, and curls, which I was thrilled about. My hair felt softer, shinier, and overall, quite manageable. I have washed my hair two times since, and I can tell my hair is still behaving. I haven’t had to resort to anything as dramatic wearing a hat or a scarf, so that’s good. 

Fusio Dose1-Kerastase-Hauterfly

I left the salon with a skip in my step, because how else will my show off my new hair? The treatment costs Rs.1500 plus taxes and is available at select salons across the country. 

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