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Kareena Kapoor Khan Is Our Unanimous Pick For The Top Fashion Star Of 2019. Here’s 5 Style Lessons She Taught Us

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It doesn’t take a lot to explore one’s style and have it be completely unique to oneself. Some rely on set trends and some on label power, both instances capable of churning out great ensembles on any given day. Personally, I try to balance between quality staples and affordable indulgent pieces in order to keep building a strong foundation for my wardrobe. I keep it very customised to my needs as well. For instance, as a Mumbaikar, I am required to travel a lot. So my closet is always stocked with fitted jeans, knit tees, an enviable collection of sneakers and the strongest crossbody bag in the history of accessories.

I take inspiration from some of my favourite fashion girls in order to get an idea about what’s hot and if I am missing out on anything. One of these stylish ladies that I stalk is the absolute goddess Kareena Kapoor Khan who has just come off of a great year in fashion. 2019 saw A LOT of Bebo, courtesy her small screen debut with Dance India Dance which saw her breaking norms of TV fashion. Bebo hs also managed to waltz to the top of the list of our most-watched A-lister in fashion, without having to step onto a single international red carpet. Unlike her peers like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Bebo did her slaying back home on television, promotions and even the airport.

Doing all of this while also dressing up and adorable Taimur Ali Khan in baby cowboy boots couldn’t have been easy, even if it looked effortless. Which brings us to the 5 style lessons we can learn from Bebo to make maximum impact with our fashion habits.

Know Your Strengths

You’d never catch Kareena making a fashion fumble because she knows how to play her strengths. She is a ridiculously hot momma and so will pick sexy silhouettes and feminine cuts. She’ll do leather pencil skirts, off the shoulder crop tops and bodysuits tucked into jeans to keep things simple but sultry. This girl loves to love to lounge around in jeans and tee so it only makes sense she’s want to elevate her basics and it works. She is aware of her electric charm and uses it to sell every garment she has on, which is half the battle won. She plays into the theory ‘comfort first’, which is a bit misleading because she seems to be right at home with most styles. Well played, Bebo!

Don’t Get Stuck In A Rut

A norm in celebrity fashion it to work with a team of stylists who are well-versed with your image and personal preferences. Very rarely does an actress dress herself these days, except for Rani Mukerji who has remained stylist-free even in the age of Instagram. Getting attached to a stylist can be both a blessing and a boon. While they know what works best for you, it can also get repetitive after a while. Bebo has managed to find a sweet spot and follows the mandate to work with multiple artists at once. From well-known names like Rhea Kapoor to comparative newbies like Lakshmi Lehr, Bebo gets around with her style needs. We don’t use a stylist on our day to day life, but this habit of Bebo’s can be translated into always looking for new sources to get our shopping from. Mall rats, this one tip is for you!

Be Unapologetic About What You Like

Fashion is subjective, style is dynamic. No two people will ever agree completely on the things they like. Unless we are talking about denim capris, in which case everybody hates them. It is so important to be acquainted with what you like and be unapologetic apt your appreciation towards it. Love the print on print trend but it’s not in vogue? Who cares, wear it. Bebo is very vocal with her opinions, which applies to her sartorial choices as well. Why else would she order up a customised ‘Bebo’ saree and flaunt it wrapped in gorgeous makeup and vibes of self-obsession?

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Seek Out Unconventional Silhouettes

A great, and only, fashion tip I got from my father is to introduce tailoring into my wardrobe. I can see the edge a pair of well-stitched trousers gives me over other workwear staples. Kareena is notorious for decking out her fit frame in complicated and unusual silhouettes. She’s done fanned-out collars and exposed midriff in the same dress. She is also smart about picking styles that are best-suited to her body type, never pushing the envelope to foreign territories of extreme plunges or boring ethnic sets. This does not come easy though. Once you decide to expand your wardrobe, a lot of research has to be done to come up with a solid few looks. Good luck!

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Bebo’s Khush Wedding Magazine August feature is one of our favourite editorials from the year. It is soo Bebo, the ‘Begum’ basking in all her glory in the feature. Fashion stylist Vikas Rattu who worked on the shoot with her revealed the ideas she brought into the feature, collaborating with the team instead of just following through with the brief. A true diva’s mettle is judged by how she works in a partnership and Bebo certainly knows what she wants. Works wonders for her, we’ve taken notes!

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What are some of your favourite looks from Kareena this year? Let us know!


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