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I Have Found The Most Comfortable Platform Shoes For The Rainy Season That Are Versatile AF!

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The monsoon season is finally here and the one thing that I am really glad about during this lockdown is that I won’t be travelling to work anymore. Why? ‘Cause it’s a tradition that every monsoon I get splashed on by dirty water by a passerby, who has absolutely no regard for the potholes on the road, or for my well ironed and clean clothes. At times I think the Gods are just pranking me, but it’s absolutely not funny.

And so, before this corona pandemic started I was very well prepared for the monsoon season because last-minute shopping can always get you stuff that either breaks too soon or bites your toe. Mine was the latter. I tried every rainy shoe possible but I assume my fat feet wouldn’t fit in any. Now would be a perfect time to have Cinderella feet to steer clear of all that shoe bite. And we can all agree that these shoe bites are like a bitch. For years I couldn’t wear fancy rainy shoes.

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This time it was going to be different for me. I looked up every website on the internet for the best rain friendly footwear and came across crocs. The only time crocs ever entered my home was a few years go when my grandparents wore it. After that, they just disappeared out of mind and sight.

I wasn’t looking at the classic Crocs but their Brooklyn Collection, which by the way is stylish as hell and has platform heels. Now, for someone who would be travelling daily to work needed her style in check. I couldn’t just wear my regular footwear and ruin them. And I would never wear something that bites my foot. So, this was the only option I was left with. While it burned my pocket a little and I went broke I realised that it was worth it.

The Brooklyn Collection comes in 3 different styles. I picked the two-strap style that I thought looked amazing af! And as usual, I sat in front of the door and waited for my parcel to arrive. Okay, I am kidding. But I might have obsessively checked my phone to track the parcel. No, I am not crazy, just very eager. Promise!

Once the shoes arrived I tried them and god it felt like I was floating on a cloud. Mine fits perfectly for my feet. I decided to not wear them till monsoon. Since everything happened so haphazardly I didn’t get the time to mourn over me not being able to wear them….until recently.

Making most of what I can get, I decided to take my chances and leave home to get some groceries sporting very own and very comfortable pair. I obviously took precautions.

The footwear is not heavy at all. The mid wedge is soft, light, and easy to walk in. This is not the kind of heel where one can trip and fall face first, and I fall a lot. The strap is obviously adjustable with how tight or loose one wants. But as I mentioned I didn’t have to. There is no size guide for it. I ordered a UK 5 and mine are just perfect. So, stick to your UK or EUR size and they will come exactly as it is.

Even though I say I am glad I don’t have to travel for work; I really wish I did. This versatile footwear is worth showing off. Plus I spent a bomb on this so…someone should see them!

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