#HauteHack: How To Stretch New Shoes That Are Too Tight

Bought a new pair of shoes that seemed super comfortable at the store but were way too tight when you tried them on again at home? Forget about walking in them, you probably won’t bother wearing them even during a shoe emergency. I get the dilemma: Tight shoes are extremely vexing, so much so that they even kill the joy of buying a new pair. But here’s a little something that totally works in a situation like this: A simple #HauteHack that can loosen your oh-so-tight shoes in a jiffy making them perfectly wearable.

Take two small ziplock pouches and fill 1/4 of the bags each with water. Insert them into each shoe and place the shoes in the freezer. Allow the water in the bags to freeze. Once they’ve frozen, take the shoes out and let the water thaw in room temperature. Then take the bags out and try out the shoes; you’ll notice they have loosened. How? Water expands when it freezes, and that is exactly what happens when you freeze your shoes (it expands slightly). In case this doesn’t work well the first time around, re-do the trick with slightly more water in the ziplock bags to expand further. Just ensure you don’t let the water leak into your shoes!

Simi Kuriakose

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