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Forget Hoodies, These Comfy, Statement Sweaters From Male Celebrity Closets Are On Our Steal Radar!

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‘Tis the season of lights and some cute sweaters. The cosiest, colourful pieces that make up for a great look, sweaters are one of the most exciting things about December (not usually for Bombay dwellers). I mean imagine an outfit that brings with it the perks of comfort and utmost style too (best of both the worlds), isn’t that like a dream come true fashion recipe? And with brands altering and adding to their winter wear shelves, what takes the spotlight today is the burst of shades and quirky hemlines of winter’s beloved sweaters. From mauve, green, yellow to teddy bears and sheep, sweaters today are replicating our Pinterest mood boards and I’m loving it. And as we talk about these fun and fabulous knits, let me tell you that none of it is coming out of women’s wear closets. Sporting some rare and vibrant cashmere are our dearest celebrity men. So, here I have enlisted my favourite pieces from these popular closets, that I wanna steal right away and style them this winter!

Harry Styles

The king of quirky silhouettes, Harry Styles tops my list (without a doubt). While Mr Styles’ entire closet is nothing less than a dream, what specifically caught my attention was this sheep print sweater vest. Teaming the playful winter wool with crisp formals, Harry’s ensemble narrates a lot about his personal style. A one of a kind piece that deserves a spot in your winter closet, the navy blue Lanvin vest can be styled with anything between a pair of denim and a skater skirt. Striking an uncanny resemblance to Princess Diana’s sheep print sweater in the shade red, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be loving this crew neck knit.

Image Credits: G-Cashmere

Ranveer Singh

Exhibiting his knack for bold and unconventional sartorial picks, Ranveer Singh’s wardrobe is always spot on. From styling animal prints to fur laden jackets, the 83 actor’s style guarantees to win admirers in no time. Sporting designer Manish Arora’s creations, Ranveer pulled out the most quirky card while dressing up for his 2019 hit film Gully Boy’s promotions. A meme-worthy outfit for many, the ice-blue faux fur is what caught my eyes. Statement outerwear, embellished with multiple patches and a dual colour cameo on one of the sleeves, the jacket according to the designer symbolises “freedom, a reminder that we are rare and our own heroes” and I wanna have all his sweaters.


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Timothée Chalamet

Known for his impeccable sense of style, Timothée Chalamet can be credited amongst the handful number of gender fluid wardrobes owned by celebrities. From his popular suiting choices to his love for florals, the Call Me By Your Name star has been endorsing his non-conformist fashion. Making waves in the winter wear category as well, the 26-year-old was spotted in a vintage eagle sweater and I think it’s love at first. Featuring two eagles gracing the sleeves and sides of the lush blue sweater, the Gucci woollen piece is versatile and unique due to its eagle print and can replace the ugly red Christmas knits.

Image Credits: Twitter


Diljit Dosanjh

The perfect blend of style and sur, musician/actor Diljit Dosanjh has already won hearts with his distinct taste in fashion. From colourful turbans to Balenciaga shoes, there’s nothing this dapper Singh hasn’t tried. Sporting some fun-loving, striking shades of green, pink and yellow, Diljit Dosanjh manages to add the ‘cool’ in all his outfits. A personal favourite piece from his stack of sweaters, the Amiri, oversized purple jumper is on my radar. Featuring a statement teddy bear in the centre, Diljit played with the best of shades to team up the purple with his ice-blue turban. An effortless and chic addition to the boring classic wool, the sweater is sporty and stylish, best for off-duty looks.


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Chris Evans

Championing winter wear like nobody, Chris Evans brought the love for the grandfather knit back into action, through his character in the film Knives Out. A celebrity in itself, the white woollen piece donned by the actor in the film became an object of lust for the public eye. Offering a sudden hike in sales for Blarney Woollen Mills, the brand behind the viral cable-sweater, the piece in no time became the ‘white fantasy’ of 2019. Apart from its undying fame, the sweater turns out to be a staple addition to many winter wardrobes, courtesy of its flexible silhouette and timeless charm of the shade. Leading a thunderous trend over the internet, the fame of the braided knit, urged a Los Angeles based indie theatre to host a “sweaters only” screening of the mystery film, and I think I rest my case here, with a winner in the list.

Image Credits: Claire Foldger

Tell us your favourite in the comments below!

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