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Zara Introduced A Super Cropped Sweater With Just A Neck And Sleeves. Twitter Finds It Ridiculous, But We Like It

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I’ll admit that this year, there were plenty absurd fashion trends that were of no good. While some didn’t look even remotely aesthetic and worthy of my hard-earned money (think Gucci grass-stained jeans), others just didn’t make sense (Givenchy’s three-toed sandals). However, the newest fashion drop by much-loved fast fashion brand Zara has proved to be a welcome change from all the bizarre looks this year has blessed us with. Their latest winter collection includes a turtleneck with arm warmers or you can say a super cropped sweater featuring nothing but a turtleneck and sleeves that has Twitter throwing fits.

I get how fashion can be wild and nonsense sometimes and the bevy of weird trends we have seen this year are proof, alright. However, fashion is subjective just as much as style is personal. What I find fashionable, my mom might not (she offers to sew my ripped jeans every time she sees them) and the same goes for every individual and what suits their own sense of style. Well, I believe in calling spade a spade and the Zara’s turtleneck sweater doesn’t deserve to be in the ridiculous trends list of the year. In fact, I think it’s super cute and a trendy layering piece for winters. While it might not be the most practical clothing for the places with freezing weather, you can totally sport the look in mild cold.

Twitter users weren’t really amused with the design they deemed unreasonable and channelled their disapproval through humour. The memes were obviously hilarious with people comparing the fashion item with costumes fit for Disney characters to some really wise suggestions as well. A user wrote, “You can wear it in bed while scrolling on your phone. Your arms won’t get cold.” Ah, why didn’t I think of that?

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In case you didn’t know, this isn’t entirely a new style and the true-blue fashion buffs will know. In fact, Kylie Jenner has been spotted donning the sleeved turtleneck with her leather jogger pants and the look was a major hit. I don’t get why this comes across as silly. Okay, I do. The most sensible argument could be this doesn’t make for a viable option for North Indian winters but for someone who feels extremely cold on the arms, this could work for me when I need an extra pair of warm sleeves, neck covering and not to mention style. Also, it can perform as a chic add-on to your winter staples and you don’t really have to worry about freezing to death. It’s basically all about you style this cropped sweater. If you don’t know how to, we have got you seriously covered (pun intended) with some fashion inspo.

Also, the Zara cut-out knitted sweater or as someone on Twitter called it, the sweater-less sleeves is priced at INR 1890 which we think is pretty reasonable because you are going to wear it with everything, believe us. Moving on to the styling inspiration, here are 5 different ways you can style it.


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Wear it with your super cosy and warm fleece co-ords to add some style elements to your otherwise basic winter look. It will keep you fashionably winter-ready.


Here’s a casual night out look that lets you pair your turtleneck crop with a spaghetti top and high-waisted jeans. Totally effortless and chic!

This makes for a stunning athleisure piece too, you know? Throw it over your sports bra and sweat pants for a statement gym look.

That cute sleeveless dress you stuffed back because it’s officially sweater weather now can be paired with this cropped turtleneck for winters. Plus, the exposed neck style looks so sexy!

Here’s Kendall Jenner wearing a similar ribbed knit turtleneck crop with a corset style top and flared pants. Do you need any more proof? Didn’t think so!

BRB, heading to Zara.

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