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15 Cutesy Floral Dresses To Bring In Summer!

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What’s a summer wardrobe without florals? Be it ditsy prints or bold motifs, let’s admit that floral prints are not just super cute but ultra-feminine too. No matter what the silhouette, florals instantly perk you up and give you the girl-next-door vibe. But there’s no reason why you can’t toughen up the girly look if you’re so inclined — all you need to do is add a sleek biker jacket and a pair of boots to make that cute dress edgy.

Now that summer’s here, I’m helping you update your closet with some cute floral dresses. Trust me, you’ll be tempted to swipe that credit card just so you can come into bloom sartorially!


Mango Flower print dress_Hauterfly

Mango Flower Print Dress (Rs 3,490)

Khara Khapas Beige Floral Frock_Hauterfly

Khara Kapas Beige Floral Frock (Rs 4,500)

Vila Bloom Print Button-through Dress_Hauterfly

Vila Bloom Print Button Through Dress (Rs 2,995)

Closet Diaries T Back Printed Dress_Hauterfly

Closet Diaries T-Back Printed Dress (Rs 1,590)

Topshop Beige Floral Shirred Dress_Hauterfly

Topshop Beige Floral Shirred Dress (Rs 2,545)

The Label Life Floral Print Cinched Dress_Hauterfly

The Label Life Floral Print Cinched Dress (Rs 1,570)

11.11 Gradient Dress from Indelust_Hauterfly

11.11 Gradient Dress (Rs 11,800)

The Jodi Life Bougainvillea and Ink Dress_Hauterfly

The Jodi Life Bougainvillea & Ink Dress (Rs 3,499)

Forever 21 Floral Smock Dress_Hauterfly

Forever 21 Floral Smock Dress (Rs 1,259)

Zara Floral Tube Dress_Hauterfly

Zara Floral Tube Dress (Rs 3,490)

Closet Diaries Yellow Blue Print Dress_Hauterfly

Closet Diaries Yellow Blue Print Dress (Rs 1,620)

Chique Beige floral pleated bias dress_Hauterfly

Chique Beige Floral Pleated Bias Dress (Rs 3,800)

Boohoo Floral Shirt Dress_Hauterfly

Boohoo Floral Shirt Dress (Rs 1,990)

Mango Floral-print flowy dress_Hauterfly

Mango Floral Flowy Dress (Rs 3,490)

20 Dresses Flowers In Bloom Printed Dress_Hauterfly

20 Dresses Flowers In Bloom Printed Dress (Rs 1,495)


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