Father’s Day Gifts: 7 Perfect Gifts For The OG Man In Your Life!

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Being a dad is a tough job. And though he doesn’t say too much, you can’t deny the significant role your dad has played in your life. Don’t you think he deserves to be appreciated for that? Well, now you have the perfect occasion. 17th June is Father’s Day (just in case you didn’t know), and it’s time you shower your superhero with gifts and affection. Basically, go overboard with the love!

Pick out something special. Write a cute note to go with it. And definitely make the entire day about him. After all, he did make most of his life about you, didn’t he? If you’re living away, order a gift online, and fix a time to have that video call date. Trust me, even if he says he understands how busy you are, he actually just wants to talk to you, and know that everything is okay.

To make things easier, here’s a curated list of all things cool for the OG man of your life! Go ahead, and click ‘Shop’. His smile will make everything worth it.


Father's Day Gifts_Hauterfly

Philips Bear Trimmer (Rs 1,299)

1. Beard Trimmer

To keep his swag in check.


Father's Day Gifts_Hauterfly

Amazon Echo Black (Rs 8,999)

2. Amazon Echo

Time to make him tech savvy, and make his life simpler.


Father's Day Gifts_Hauterfly

Oye Happy Coffee Hamper (Rs 2,200)

3. Coffee Hamper

He obviously needs the extra energy to deal with your tantrums!


Father's Day Gifts_Hauterfly

PropShop Groomer Pack (Rs 1,696)

4. Groomer Pack

He needs to look like the hero that he is.


Father's Day Gifts_Hauterfly

Bombay Shirt Company Custom Made Shirt (Rs 2,190)

5. Custom-Made Shirt

Design it yourself with tons of love!


Father's Day Gifts_Hauterfly

Shoppers Stop U.S. Polo Assn. Wallet (Rs 1,439)

6. Wallet

The pocket money that he gives you? It needs a new home!


Father's Day Gifts_Hauterfly

SS Homme Father’s Day Hamper (Rs 5,000)*

7. Cuff Links And Tie Set

To remind him that it’s okay to be fancy sometimes.

*Available at SS Homme in Bandra West, Mumbai.

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