Editor’s Pick: Simi’s Edgy Link Chain Pendant

Editor’s Pick: Simi’s Edgy Link Chain Pendant

As a child I was a total tomboy, and I’d often frown at my sister when she’d ask me to help her clasp on all her eye-catching baubles every now and then. I’d wonder to myself: “Why does the so-called wise one of the house spend all her pocket money on trinkets?” Little did I know that there’d come a time when my sister would go through my drawer of jewellery (and also whisk away a couple of them!) only to sigh in amazement, “Look at these! Now I know where all your money goes!”

Yes, I am a bauble junkie (no regrets whatsoever). During most of my shopping escapades, I always get my bestie to monitor me. Because I might usually head to a store to buy a dress, but by the end of it I’ll have a shopping bag filled with that dress, a couple of neckpieces, stacked rings among other baubles, and a wailing wallet. It’s during one of my online shop sleuthing exercises that I came across an e-store named FemNmas. And there, I found myself gazing at my next jewellery box add-on, one that would NOT give my wallet any grief.


Femnma Luxury Link Chain_Editors Pick Simi Hauterfly

FemLuxe Luxury Link Chain Pendant

Firstly, I love owning lightweight pieces; and this one is just that. It’s something I can wear on a day-to-day basis. The connected chain loops are subtle and work their way down to hold golden spikes studded with silver gemstones. IMO spikes are a style that have permeated accessories effortlessly, and it’s a trend to own. To add to this, I like how this neckpiece is a perfect combination of edgy and chic: one you can team up with a simple dress or even accessorise with a tee and biker jacket, without allowing your style quotient to fall a notch lower. And if you take a look at the price, this piece is an absolute steal!

SHOP NOW: FemLuxe Luxury Link Chain Pendant (Rs 900)

Simi Kuriakose

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